Now that we’ve got your attention with that catchy title… Human teddy bears, sexy serial killers and Kimber sex dolls aside, did NIP/TUCK go too far in having Liz and Christian sleep together last night? Or was this an inevitable result of their year’s long love/hate relationship? On a show which seems to court controversy, this may turn out to be one of the hottest topics they’ve ever addressed! Which means, of course, we want to hear your take on the show’s longtime devout lesbian becoming yet another Christian conquest!

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  • alex

    The moment was actually really interesting. It was sweet and strange. I love their dynamic, but I’m worried that Liz might fall for him and Christian won’t be interested.

  • Ash

    I think it was kind of a natural progression in the storyline. Everything about last night’s episode was about babies and caring for them. Liz had started to see Christian as the baby that she’s always longed for. There is always the chance that Liz will get pregnant and lead to her getting that baby. I didn’t have any issue with the portrayal of Liz’s character because of her discussion with Raj. Plus lesbians are always switching back and forth between dudes and ladies. Haven’t you ever seen A Shot at Love or Double Shot?

  • I wasn’t bothered by it and didn’t see it as much of a controversy, though I could see where some might. I also wrote about this in my review this morning (linked ya, so hopefully we’ll get people talking) , and like Ash I wasn’t bothered by what this means for Liz because of her very honest conversation with Raj later in the episode.

    Gay or straight, people sometimes have sex for the wrong reasons, under stressful circumstances, but that doesn’t change who they are, or who they prefer to have sex with.

  • BHcolin

    call me crazy – but it was borderline rape. I mean him being awake and him just getting on top of her and stickin’ it in . But it wasn’t like she gave consent, she seemed in shock at first when he just climbed on top. I certainly didn’t see anything sweet about it. In the end Liz enjoyed the moment but it left me feeling weird.

  • Maximus

    I looooved the episode…..Nip/Tuck reinvents itself every season and this time around it looks like what they are giving us is some thought in regards to one’s sexual definition..Should you be straight, lesbian or undefined? and what true friendship is about….Sean only got up after Christian talked to him and told him how he understood his dilemma…yes there is a lot of sex and sexy people around but behind all of the theatrics some powerful questions are posed.

  • nctodc

    @Ash, if you’re taking your cues from reality shows on MTV, then…well, I don’t even know what to tell you.

    No wait, I do: get out and meet some real people.

    The scene made me very uncomfortable–possibly moreso than anything else on Nip/Tuck ever has.

  • I was more perturbed by the diapering of Sean than I was by Christian taking advantage of Liz.

  • Mohammad

    I loved it. It totally didn’t strike me as “odd” or going “too far” because it felt so natural. This season is really good so far!

  • Chris

    I thought the scene was a little odd, but it also made sense within the context of Liz and Christian’s relationship. Liz is still a lesbian; she simply allowed herself to cross her usual boundaries because of her feelings for Christian. Bhcolin’s comment about the act being “borderline rape” is simply incorrect. Christian certainly didn’t force himself on Liz, and she was perfectly capable at anytime of telling him to stop or simply moving away from him. I think perhaps BHcolin was focusing on the mixed emotions shown on Liz’s face, but I believe that was meant to convey the different thoughts she was having about engaging in sex with Christian, and not some demonstration that she was being coerced into doing something against her will. And her conversation with Raj later made it perfectly clear that she had consented to sex. Sexuality is a lot more fluid than most people care to admit, and the show attempted to play with this point.