True Love, ONE TREE HILL Style

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By: CouchTater

Lucas and Peyton and Brooke… oh my!

As many of you know, I only last season jumped aboard the ONE TREE HILL express, having years ago watched the pilot and dismissed the show as not my cup of tea. Following the four-year fast-forward, I tuned in again… and was instantly hooked. So much so that I went back to watch from the beginning (thank you, Netflix!) to see how we got from there to here. And along the way, one thing became abundantly clear to me.

Lucas belongs with Brooke.

Yes, yes, in the early episodes, Peyton and Lucas were the original root-for couple. Eventually, as will happen when you combine hormones and pretty people, things got complicated. Brooke faked a pregnancy, Peyton got involved with Jake, Lucas dated a lesbian… you know, typical high school stuff. And midway season two, after Lucas found out Anna was gay and eventually realized that there was one person he wanted to be with: Brooke. Unfortunately, she was involved at the time with Anna’s brother, Felix.

Leaving Lucas to pine. Not for Peyton, who the show would have us believe is his true love, but for Brooke.

For a very long time, Peyton continued to long for the long-absent Jake as Brooke and Lucas got closer and closer before finally reuniting. All was lovey dovey… until Peyton got shot during the third-season episode in which a student took the school hostage. Now typically, one would expect that the scenario would play out with Lucas, realizing that Peyton might die, realizing she was the one he loved and kissing her. Instead, the situation played out in exactly the opposite manner: Peyton basically used her injury as an excuse to throw herself at Brooke’s beau!

And that stolen kiss eventually proved to be the downfall for Brooke and Lucas.

At that point, the show went back to selling Peyton and Lucas as true loves.

Now I have a very dear friend, whom we’ll call Madame X, who insists that Lucas and Peyton were, are and always will be where it’s at when it comes to love connections. I, however, firmly believe that he had a much better connection with P. Sawyer’s gal pal, brooke.

Last season, when Lucas made that phone call asking one of three women to join him, I was praying he’d wised up and realized Brooke was the one he belonged with. Madame X, of course, rooted for Peyton, whom I’ve never particularly liked with anyone except, oddly, that guy from Fallout Boy she was involved with during season three. And while I like Brooke with Owen, he’s being treated like a glorified guest star… which of course means she’s free to pursue Lucas, should he become available again. (Or try and steal him should he not shake off Peyton.)

So let’s put aside the age-old Team Lucas or Team Nathan debate in favor of Team Brucas or Team Leyton?

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  • Kelly

    Fans of the show have long been debating on Team Brucas and Team Leyton. And I’m a Leyton fan because although Lucas was with Brooke and pinned over her for a season, he has been interested in Peyton since he was in 8th grade. Lucas has a long history of throwing himself into a relationship when he cannot get what he truly wants, as stated many times on the series. Lucas belongs with Peyton, it is that simple. If he wanted Brooke he could have fought harder for her in season 4 but he didn’t. He has never stopped trying to be around Peyton, and that was the downfall of the Lucas and Brooke relationship, Lucas would never care as much for or put Brooke ahead of Peyton.

  • Ace

    I don’t really watch this show…don’t know why, just never got into it. I have seen enough of it to know who you are talking about though. My bet is that the choice to put Lucas with Peyton has much more to do with the stars real lives than the chemistry on screen. During the first season or two (maybe) of the show Chad Michael Murray (Lucas) and Sophia Bush (Brooke) were MARRIED. Then Chad decided to cheat on her w/ Paris freaking Hilton (that might be rumor but they were only married for 5 months, so possible). Not so much married anymore. So, my bet is that Ms. Bush didn’t really want to have to pretend to be in love with her skeezy ex-fiance.

    So, there you have it. My gossip knowledge comes to your rescue :).

  • Ace

    Whoops, skeezy ex-husband.

  • Moon

    It seems to me that because Lucas couldn’t have Peyton the way he wanted to, (you know MIND, BODY, and SOUL) he settled for Brooke. They had their cute moments, I’ll give you that, but no matter how many letters he wrote to Brooke, his heart and recycled words belonged to my girl, P. Sawyer.

  • maggie

    I am on Team Peyton, which is weird because I think Brooke is actually my favorite character. Maybe it’s that Brooke is better off without Lucas??

  • allie

    Although I quit watching 1/2 way through this season (the episode directed by Chad lost me), I’ve always been on team Brucas. I adore Brooke/Sophia (she and Dan are the only reasons I continued watching as long as I did). Like Ace, I’ve always thought the show changed focus from Brucas to Leyton because of Sophia and Chad’s divorce.

  • Alanna

    I watched season 1 of OTH…some episodes in between adn then started up in season 5 again, watching every week …but I’ve always been a Lucas/Peyton Fan UNTIL Julian showed up

    I’m sorry but the chemistry between Peyton and Julian is too AMAZING to be denied…

  • Ashlyn

    The scene where Brooke & Lucas discussed their fake future with marriage & kids felt positively sociopathic. Poor Sophia Bush being forced into scenes like that, not to mention sex scenes with her ex husband. I’ve always been an LP fan, but were the situations reversed I don’t think i’m cruel enough of a person to put my ship before a person’s sanity.

  • Dominique

    Glad to read that someone else saw the magic that is Brucas. I will always believe that Lucas was/is better with Brooke and the only reason he got with Peyton is that Brooke let him go because she knew she couldn’t go it anymore and she did not want to have another conversation with Peyton where she tells her that she is in love with her boyfriend. In real life, I think what happened is that CMM got with Sophia Bush and it changed the “meant to be couple” of the show to Brucas until their divorce. Brucas is still my second fave couple on this show though. Jake and Peyton were the best. This season, I am really liking Julian and Brooke. I think they have something special as they can understand each other because they went through the same thing with Lucas and Peyton. They both had to let the one they love go. That said, if I had the choice between Brooke and Lucas AND Brooke and one of her many love interests, I would probably go for Brucas as they were the heart of the show for so many seasons and they got the best build-up as a couple with Jake/Peyton and Nathan/Haley.

  • I totally love Brooke/Lucas. I think the allure of LP has always been that they couldn’t get their timing right and the few times they have, the actual relationship has been pretty boring. I agree with Dominique that Jake and Peyton managed to be interesting together and apart. And so did Brooke and Lucas.

    Mainly the personal lives of the actors has played into the on-screen relationships but now that both Sophia and Chad have moved on, I’d love to see the character’s back together. Unfortunately, Mark is a HUGE Peyton fan and has been pushing the LP one true love storyline so hard, he can’t really backtrack. I was hoping Peyton would have cancer but alas Mark got my hopes up only to dash them.

  • Amelia

    i definitely prefer brucas to leyton. bu like ace and some others i think that they switched it on us due to the divorce IRL.
    peyton bores me her character is bland, and the actress is monotone.
    i like brooke she’s always been the cool one, and get funny lines and does BA stuff.

    i do not watch this show religiously but i’ve seen the majority of it. the cheese factor is overbearing. last night when julian said “i read the book for peyton, but the character i related to most was you” i threw up in my mouth a little bit.
    the things that really bother me about the show is the little stuff, like clothes over bros. seriously? are we supposed to believe that that is the name of a high fashion clothing line? it was cute when it was created but she should have changed the name somewhere along the way, clothes over bros is not marketable as high fashion.
    or how they keep talking about how “hot” julian is, he’s not, he’s the ugliest cast member the show has ever had imo.
    The kids need less screen time.
    That ‘misguided’ girl’s fivehead.
    finally: tyler hilton. all the musical guest stars are really contrived, but he’s the worst.

  • Lynn

    I prefer Lucas and Peyton to Lucas and Brooke, definitely. I never saw any real draw in the high school relationship of Brooke and Lucas. It was just that. A high school relationship. Lucas cheated on her because he liked Peyton better. And when he inexplicably decides ‘no, I do actually like Brooke’ in season 2 (completely weird and contrived moment of the show) that became the moment where he got his balls ripped out of him. Pining away like a pathetic puppy. Waiting around while she screwed other dudes. And for what. From what we saw of his and Brooke’s relationship up to that point was that they had no real connection and was physical based.

    And when they finally started dating in season 3 he had to apologize for cheating on her every single time they were together, constantly tell her how much he loved her, reassure her that he didn’t want Peyton. When his uncle Keith died (before she knew about the kiss), Brooke still found a way to make it about her. Wishing she had been shot so Lucas could save her instead of Peyton. So weird. I think that’s all just too hard. She’s too hard. And they didn’t/don’t really mesh well. I guess you can overlook and excuse anything just for the love of chemistry, but I don’t really think they have it. They kind of make me feel awkward. Especially now, due to Chad and Sophia’s history.

    I’ve been a fan of Lucas and Peyton from the beginning. I think they have chemistry, they get each other, and they work together. They’re alike. They don’t seem to have to try too hard and they’re enough for each other.

  • luke

    TVaddict, I have so many questions for you, but first i’ll respond to your post.

    i completely agree with you about Lucas and Brooke. I hate how in seasons 5 and 6 the show makes Lucas and Peyton the be all end all couple because for that to be true the end of season one, all of season 2 and 3, and the beginning of season 4 would need to disappear from the viewers mind. I’ve watched the show from the pilot, and while those seasons were airing I never thought Lucas and Peyton would ever be together. I think Lucas and Peyton are way to cheesy with each other and sometimes it’s hard for me to watch. I’m hoping for a Lucas and Brooke reunion, but with Peyton being pregnant it seems highly unlikely.

    Now on to my questions:
    What did you think of the school shooting episode?
    What’s your favorite season?

  • deuce

    I’m with Team Brucas mainly because Peyton as a character is so annoying to me, I only liked her when she was with Jake. I truly thought they were going to pull a Dawson’s Creek (when Joey didn’t end up with Dawson) and go with Brucas. I never felt they were meant to be, maybe I just need to rewatch it; but then again, the last couple of seasons shoving Leyton down our throats was pretty annoying.

  • Alex

    I’m with you Brooke and Lucas were great together.

    I cant stand Peyton and Lucas partly because i have always hated Peyton, the actress is horrible and the character is so so boring.

    As with everyone else i doubt that brooke a lucas will ever get back together due to the off-screen stuff between the actors.

    But i wish they would. I’m all for Peyton being killed or getting back together with Julian.

  • Regardless of who Lucas truly belongs with (I’m still kind of on the fence), it’s hard to ignore that the writers are shamelessly forcing all of the characters together into what seem like their final pairings.

    Lucas + Peyton, Nathan + Haley, Brooke + Julian, Mia and Chase, Sam + Jack and even Mouth + Millicent (despite their current issues, you know they’ll get back together).

    This makes me wonder… does OTH have a season 7 in its future, or is everything wrapping up too nicely?

  • Moon

    You forgot to mention Nanny Deb + Skillz!

    It does seem like they’re wrapping up in a neat little Tree Hill bow, but isn’t it about time? The flash forward was brilliant and we got to see what they grew up to be, unlike the original 90210 when we were along for the college years every painful step of the way.

    But I digress; if this is the final season, I am totally okay with it, but only if P. Sawyer turns into P. Scott at the end of the series. And baby makes three. Awwwh….

  • Lyss1


  • CT


    I have to say, I thought the school shooting episode was pretty amazing. There were a few moments where it went a tad over the top (“We’re all just kids. It’s not supposed to be this hard!”) but I’d be lyin’ if I didn’t say I related to poor shooter boy.

    As to my favorite season… I’d have to say I’m torn. Season one was okay. I didn’t much care for Felix or Chris, who were ALL OVER Season Two. So far, I’d say season three is my favorite, followed by season five (keep in mind I haven’t seen season four yet. That’s next for me). This season they’re doing some REALLY interesting storrytelling stuff. I liked the reveal as to who attacked Brooke, thought it was brilliant. I’d like to have seen more of the Slamball stuff, cause it was fun and exciting. Plus it gave Owen something to do. I dont’ really understand what’s going on there… I can only assume the actor has MAJORLY limited availability.

  • Kaitlin

    Brucas > Leyton. I’ve never understood how anyone could even like Peyton as a character, let alone in a couple with Lucas. I stopped watching once they killed Keith, but I’ve caught a couple of random episodes throughout the seasons since then and I have never wavered in my love for Brooke and Lucas. They had better chemistry (let’s face it, Leyton have none), and Brooke genuinely is better than Peyton.

    As many other commenters have mentioned before me, I think the only reason the producers and writers decided to take the show in the Leyton direction was because of the divorce of Chad and Sophia. Which is sad, because Brucas will always be the better choice.

  • Alison

    i only read about the first paragraph up until u said Brooke and Lucas belong together. last monday i borrowed 1st season from my friend and I’m already on season 2 lol.. so far i really like lucas and peyton idk i think theyre really good together but i could be wrong since i havent finished… im soo into it and i love it, i was really glad when my friend told me hailey and lucas never get together thank goddd 2 people on the show actually dont get together. anyway i loveee one tree hills and cant wait to get throught, o yaa i loveee keith and i think he’s adorable but i saw the episode after hailey gets hit by the car and now i know he’s gonna die which makes me sad.. im seriously going to be sobbing when it happens =[

  • I think Lucas and Peyton always worked together as friends. Whenever they were more it was either horribly forced (“It was you! It’s always been you!”) or horribly ill-timed. But those seasons where he was dating Brooke and they were friends, especially when Peyton was dating Jake, they had an undeniable chemistry.

    Even now, when they’re not being lovey-dovey but just talking or hanging out or not even in the same scene but supporting each other’s careers they are a joy to watch. But watching them act in love weirds me out.

  • Peyton and lucas we’re destine from the start to be each others true love, even the creator, Mark Schwann believes so too. In the season two episode, where Lucas goes to find Brooke, but she is with Felix, in the commentary, Mark stated that it wasn’t Brooke he felt he was loosing, it was Peyton originally, but Lucas forced his feelings back down for Peyton, called Jake, and let Peyton be happy, which means he sacrificed how he felt for Peyton so she could be happy. Thats why Lucas focused on Brooke and tried again with her during season three. Then Peyton did the same in season four for Lucas.

    That whole speech that Skills gave to Lucas in 409 about how Lucas choose to be there and Peyton was there not by choice, but it just happened to her, was a sign that he still may have feelings for her. Then the whole realization when she spoke the words “I’ll be seeing you…” was the clear as day to him that it wasn’t over between them.

    Then we got season five, he wrote two books about her! Brooke was in the first one, but she was about a chapter, Peyton was basically 5-6 chapters in the book and I think it only had 10-12 chapters. The second book was made everyone realize that Luke wasn’t over Peyton, and it took him till the season finally to realize what Haley and Lindsey were saying all along about “the comet” connection to Peyton.

    Then Haley giving info on Lucas longing for her since the 8th grade, I mean thats a huge sign that Lucas always had a special place in his heart for Peyton, long before she knew it. Something like that was and always will be the start of an epic romance.

    Lucas and Peyton are always meant to be together. True love is built on a beautiful friendship that is set on fire from passion, the kind that is meant to always work out in the end. Like Brooke said “People that are always meant ot be together, find their way in the end…”, and thats exactly what Lucas and Peyton did, found each other in the end…

  • othjunkie

    I am a huge fan of OTH. If you have recently watched the entire series it will be clear that peyton and lucas are meant to be together. they get eachother, they have that special connection and its so obvious in all of the episodes. brooke and lucas’ relationship was a normal highschool relationship all about sex, but it was never anything more than that.

  • Phillipa

    OMG i really want Lucas And Brooke to get back together, even though they probably don;t =[

  • Leyla

    I don’t believe in the Lucas and Peyton love, never have and never will. Seriously, their love is so forced!!
    They have zero chemistry and are a totall pain in the ass to watch. Brooke and Lucas brought out the good in each other while Peyton and Lucas bring out the worst of each other. Jake and Peytons love seemed so much stronger than hers and Lucas! Besides Lucas belongs to Brooke always have and always will. The things he says to Peyton are things he already said to Brooke. It’s pathetic. He’s just settling for Peyton. He doesn’t even now the REAL reason why Brooke broke up with him in season 4.

  • nabs

    TEAM BRUCAS all the way! for so many of the reasons already stated. however, i can understand why the writers steered in a different direction suddenly mid-season 3..chad and brooke ARE human. the rise and fall of chad/sophia brought the rise and fall of brucas =[

  • Kyle

    I've always been a Brucas fan. Their chemistry was so overwhelming and really put his non-existant chemistry with Peyton to shame. Leyton has always felt really forced to me. I don't like being told who to root for.

    That said, I'm glad things turned out the way they did. Brucas will always be my favourite couple bar-none but in the end, Lucas didn't treat Brooke the way she deserved. There was always a question with him, it should have been obvious. Julian is the nice guy Brooke deserves. He was never torn between her and Peyton, it was always Brooke with him.

  • Duke30

    I am team Leyton all the way. I have been since season one. They have always belonged together.