Dispatches From The Couch: THE L WORD, JERICHO, SWINGTOWN & More!

Attention network bigwigs. CouchTater here. And while I’m sure you don’t really care as you look down from your big black Hollywood towers, I’d like to just point out a few things to y’all.

First, to Showtime president of entertainment Bob Greenblatt. I know you’re real excited about that spin-off of THE L-WORD that may or may not get the go-ahead (the pilot is only now being edited). But agreeing with reporters that it sounds like “a female OZ” why not give credit where credit is due and admit that it sounds like a PRISONER CELL BLOCK H ripoff… er, homage.

iFMAGAZINE.COM is reporting that former JERICHO executive producer Jon Turteltaub is developing a big-screen flick around the twice-failed series. I don’t want to call the man delusional, but he thinks if reruns of the series on the CW are “like this remarkable success”, it might get another shot at life on a network. And did we mention he’s developing a feature film? Dude, give it up.

New York’s Daily News says that by adding judge Kara Dioguardia, AMERICAN IDOL has “finally found its mean girl.” Yeah, cause that’s what the show needed. To be meaner.

PRISON BREAK’s executive producer told Entertainment Weekly that they were ending the show because nobody wanted it to “become a parody of itself.” Um, too late.

Word has it Michael Cera is holding up the ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT movie. Seriously? I see a fatal corn-baller accident in George Michael’s future.

To the folks at ABC who filled last night’s LOST-fest with such “fascinating” tidbits as “This is Claire.” or my personal favorite, which told us who the Oceanic Six were… as they were on screen, as if we weren’t smart enough to put the pieces together… there’s mentoring and then there’s treating us like short-bus riders.

In the least shocking news ever, CBS president Nina Tassler told reporters this week that SWINGTOWN is, in the words of those famous munchkins, really, most sincerely dead. “The show was well executed, it was well received, the performances were great, the writing was great,” she said to the gathered journalists as reported by Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello. And given all those facts, gee, we can see why they cancelled the show. Nina, next time people take shots at your network for airing 15 procedurals, know that this is why. Oh, and know that when we say “people” we mean us, your friends at thetvaddict.com.

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  • Sarah

    If Michael Cera SERIOUSLY isn’t on board for an Arrested Development movie, there needs to be a fan movement to find him and beat some sense into him. He can only can away with awkward an adorable for so long, he might as well milk everything he can out of it.

  • Prisonbreak is my favorite show as well as Heroes, Smallville, & Supernatural….But to end Prisnbreak is so heartless. I’ve been there and never missed an episode since it premiered….I’m so dissappointed!

  • Dbalcer

    Jericho was canceled due to poor management on CBS’ part. The fact that a show in reruns without much promotion can best any numbers that CW had before its run shows the draw of that show. Turtetaub is has success on the big screen with The Nation Treasures features. I can’t wait to see Jericho on the big screen.

  • Ace

    Honestly, Cera, how long do you think an AD movie will take to shoot? That show/movie is all about the dialogue. It isn’t like they will have to do a ton of locations, kung-fu moves, CGI or anything else that would take up time. Put your other movies on hold for like two seconds and come on back to George Michael where you belong.

  • CT

    Dblacer: There’s only so much bame that can be put at the feet of CBS for Jericho’s double cancellation. let’s face it: They bit the bullet and, at fan insistence, gave the show a second chance. And it still tanked in the ratings. That’s not CBS’ fault. That’s proof — like it or not — that there just wasn’t a bit enough audience out there to sustain it. Maybe they didn’t do a great job of promoting it once it was launched, but that show got a TON of free publicity when it came back. It was “the resurrection” show, and a lot of attention was focused on both it and fans. Unfortunately, it still failed… and like I said, that ain’t CBS fault. It’s not the executive producer’s fault either, necessarily, but how many times can you lead the camel to water before you admit that it just ain’t gonna drink?

  • Josh Emerson

    So you think the development of a Jericho movie is ridiculous, yet you have no problems with an Arrested Development movie? That show was so far in the ratings basement it makes Jericho look like American Idol.

  • Dbalcer

    Let see waiting until February when the strike was on to air it, giving it Big Brother as a lead in, no stars going on to promote it until after it aired, not showing the reruns or recaps right before it aired, going on hiatus in the middle of season one-all of those and more are part of the poor promotion of Jericho. Until the hiatus of season one the numbers were strong. CBS failed to capitalize on the fan generated publicity for season 2. I know people who didn’t have a clue it was on the air again. CBS, the network failed miserably with Jericho. If it isn’t a criminal procedural drama they don’t know how to promote it. The show’s producers and actors gave it their all, the fans did everything in their power but CBS did not promote season one or two.

  • CT

    Lots of shows go on “hiatus” in the middle of their seasons. It’s just called a mid-season finale. Nip/Tuck, Battlestar… until recently, Lost. If I’m not mistaken, the network actually DID do a full-length episode called “return to Jericho” designed to catch people up, much the same way Lost does just about every year. And sorry, but the fan-generated publicity for season two didn’t result in numbers. The network isn’t responsible for that. Anyone who didn’t have a clue the show was returning musta been living under a rock, because it was written about in every major media outlet, advertised fairly extensively… and I don’t know that I’d call Big Brother a bad lead-in. After all, the show has been on for several years. In the end, the show got two separate chances to prove itself and failed.

    As for the Arrested Development movie, I can’t say that I think that’s a much smarter idea, frankly. Although I would say it’s a much easier concept to sell: You could do a two-hour Arrested Development movie that has all the same characters, yet could function as a complete stand-alone entity. I love, love, love Arrested Development, but I can’t say that I’d pay $10 to see it on the big screen.

  • Reg

    I just wish Swingtown would continue. It was the best show I’ve seen in years and I was really looking forward to the return of the season. I love the nostalgia in the show and the actors were perfect for the roles. PLEASE bring Swingtown back. I am so bored of all the other same old repetitive stuff on T.V. these days.