Good News: Sharon Osbourne revealed to the NYPost that the Osbournes have been banned from Jay Leno since guesting on Jimmy Kimmel way back in May of 2008. Bad News: No word on whether fellow Late Night hosts Conan O’Brien, David Letterman and Craig Ferguson have followed suit with the Leno ban. Here’s hoping! [Source]

Good News: The CW has officially announced that GOSSIP GIRL showrunners Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are developing a spinoff that will chronicle the wild years of Lily van der Woodsen in Los Angeles circa 1980. With the Hollywood Reporting, well reporting that, “as in the original series, fashion, pop culture and music will be central to the spinoff.” Bad News: Fashion, pop culture and music…. does the CW remember the 80’s…. shudder. [Source]

Good News: According to NBC Primetime president Angela Bromstad, reports of LIPSTICK JUNGLE’s cancellation are greatly exaggerated. Bad News: Unfortunately the same can’t be said for SWINGTOWN, which CBS president Nina Tassler revealed was not coming back at yesterday’s Television Critics Association press tour stating, “We’re not going back to SWINGTOWN. At the end of the day the show was well executed, it was well received, the performances were great, the writing was great. It was a risk, we took it, and we’re proud of it.” [Source]

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  • Jessica

    omg does this mean there is still hope for Lipstick… And the point with the wonder years of Lily when we already know what happens next.

  • tim w. in tx

    I loved the 80’s. Shoulder pads the size of football players. lol Hair that was hair sprayed and teased with a curling iron. lol Boy George, Madonna, and Cyndi Lauper. Oh my! Good times. I think that it could be done well. But then, I’m biased. lol As for the Osbournes being banned, who cares? With 5 nights a week, Leno will have anybody on next year! lol Hey, maybe Leno can just host the 9 pm hour on NBC. Like Masterpiece Theatre. lol yea, right. Like that’s gonna happen.

  • ewanspotter

    Thanks, CW. Another night of week with teens having raunchy sex. Just want I’ve always wanted!

  • Yea. As much as I love Lily and Rufus, I don’t need 90210: The Lily and Rufus story. I like the adults much more. And overall GG doesn’t need a spin off … and we don’t need another teen show. But I do love the 80s. Young Lily dressed as Molly Ringwald circa Pretty in Pink? Why don’t they just do flashbacks on GG? That’s all I need.

  • CC

    Seriously that Nina chick from CBS is an idiot and everyone knows it.

  • showtime

    Who cares about Lily in the 80s? Not this chick!
    If they were going to do a spin-off they should have gone the route the book did and followed the storyline about what happens to Jenny after she gets kicked out of Constance

  • deuce

    Lily and Rufus are my favorite part of GG, one article I read said Rufus wouldn’t appear till very late so that kinda sucks. The rumors about Liliy/Rufus backstory webisodes would have been great because I don’t think they’ll end up together because Dan/Serena are more popular. I think showing a separate Rufus (in Lincoln Hawk) storyline would be cool.

  • deuce

    Forgot to add. I love Lipstick Jungle, I casually watched season 1 but this season is so good. Victory and Joe are one of my favorite TV couples. NBC just doesn’t want to admit it until they get another hit to replace it (which is probably never).

  • luke

    If they did the spin-off on Jenny then the show wouldn’t feel so forced. The idea of a Lily and Rufus spin-off seems so contrived. I really hope they don’t go threw with it.

  • Nick

    I just have to ask: All of you whiners who rant about every single idea The CW tosses out as a possiblility: WHAT IN THE FRAK DO YOU WANT??????

    They proposed a story about The Graysons. BACKLASH!
    They propose a spinoff from Gossip Girl. BACKLASH!
    They offered up a complete new Sunday lineup. BACKLASH!
    They give us a great reality comp, Stylista. BACKLASH!
    They’ve given us outstanding shows with outstanding actors, like Just Legal and Runaway. BACKLASH!
    They propose bringing back Melrose Place for a new generation. BACKLASH!

    What will shut you complainers up? You want a great “new” idea? They’ve given us Privileged….and hardly anyone will watch! They’ve given us 13: Fear is Real (which is very good)….and what?…BACKLASH.

    Will you only be happy if you see Sam and Dean occupying every prime time slot of the week? Because frankly, I’m just SICK AND TIRED of the constant bashing of a network which is only trying to serve its target audience. What aren’t you getting about that?

  • Nick

    Oh yeah, ONE MORE THING:

    It leaks out that Sam and Dean may have a brother they never knew of. RABID BACKLASH.

    Come ON! Since when do viewers get to dictate the storylines of TV shows? Can’t we just trust the frikkin producers and writers to give us great drama? Why can’t people just shut their pieholes?

  • Ace

    I’ll tell you exactly what I want the CW to do. Bring back Reaper, like yesterday. AND give Privileged and Reaper a full season. It makes Reaper coming back bittersweet to know that both series get a shorter season.

  • Margie

    Lipstick Jungle is an awesome show! I cannot believe NBC would even consider shutting it down so quickly. I should work for NBC! These people don’t know what the heck they’re doing! They promote the most horrible shows and cancel the good ones! TRY A DIFFERENT DAY/TIMESLOT!! Wake up NBC! This is why you’re in last place!

  • J.Norton

    Love Lipstick Jungle.. and LOVED Swingtown. I am SOOO sorry they cancelled Swingtown. Was looking forward to the continuation of the cliffhanger they left us with.. 🙁