Today’s Pet Peeve

worst week

From CouchTater: CBS needs to stop advertising WORST WEEK — one of CT’s favorite shows — as “America’s #1 New Comedy” if they’re not going to give it a renewal for next season. As of now, the series is considered “on the bubble”… which leaves us wondering what that means for whatever poor show happens to be America’s second new comedy, whatever it may be!

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  • David J

    Wouldn’t #2 be GARY UNMARRIED? That’s all I can think of that are new this season. Slim pickins is all I can say about that, as I watch neither.

  • Josh Emerson

    It’d be nice if CBS would give a renewal to what they’re billing as the #1 new comedy. Worst Week is a really good show.

  • Sian

    ABC does something annoyingly similar — when you watch full episodes on their website, all the adds lately are for Pushing Daisies…which they’ll cancelled. Why promote something you’ve already given up on?

  • Naf

    Isn’t Worst Week doing really well on CBS? I thought it was doing the same numbers as BBT and HIMYM?

  • It’s doing well because it’s after 2.5 Men. Remember, Rules of Engagement did well there too.

    That being said, Worst Week actually deserves to do well and get renewed. With such indecisiveness from the networks, no wonder people don’t bother getting into a lot of the new shows.