Tonight’s TV Addictions: January 19, 2009

Sheldon develops a new scientific procedure for making friends. Step 1: Ensure your neighbor looks like Penny (Kaley Cuoco)

HOUSE (8PM FOX, Global in Canada)
Cuddy proves that book smarts do not necessarily translate to street smarts when she’s surprised to discover that caring for a baby leave her little time to run a hospital. Well Duh.

GOSSIP GIRL (8PM CW, “A” in Canada)
Showrunners Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage continue to do everything in their power to ensure that Nate and Vanessa remain the most boring couple in the history of television by having them to attend the opera. No really, you’re reading this correctly… the opera.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (8:30PM CBS, E! in Canada)
Snow days are only fun when you’re a kid and school’s been canceled. Thanks to a major storm, Marshall and Lily’s big plans are waylaid way Barney and Ted wind up temporarily in charge of their favorite watering hole. On second thought, maybe snow ain’t such a bad thing after all!

24 (9PM FOX, Global in Canada)
The threat escalates. Because if it didn’t, well, this would be the longest, most boring day in Jack’s life.

ONE TREE HILL (9PM CW, SunTV in Canada)
Peyton overanalyzes a gift she receives from Lucas. (I bet Brooke wouldn’t do that… I’m just sayin’.) Meanwhile, the search continues for a director to bring Lucas’ book to the big screen. Let’s see… in real life, Chad Michael Murray (Lucas) wants to write… and direct… anybody else have a sneaking suspicion that Lucas is gonna wind up calling the shots on this flick?

Sam nearly passes out while watching puppies being born, which leads him to think he might have a tough time surviving the ordeal when his wife goes into labor. Because, you know, watching is the really hard part when it comes to giving birth.

Sam tells Jason that she’s going to infiltrate the Zacchara organization. Because surely nobody over there will be suspicious that a woman who was once involved with Sonny and later Jason and, most recently, Lucky — aka a member of the world’s most ineffective police department — could possibly be working to bring down a crime organization. What. Evah.

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  • Josh C.

    Hey you forgot to mention there’s a new Samantha who? tonight 🙂

  • I hate that House moved to Mondays. They got rid of T:SCC on Mondays and moved House there. Sorry FOX, I cannot watch three shows at once.