Live Blogging the LOST 5th Season Premiere

8:59PM: Let’s get ready to live blog…

9:10PM: Eleven minutes in and this TV Addict’s mind is already officially blown! The entire island went back to the future?! Holy Frak!

9:15PM: As the island goes, so to does Sawyer’s six pack. Awkward pause as I reflect on the fact that Sawyer has really let himself go!

9:21PM: Three quick questions to ponder over the commercial break. Is Lock in the same time period as the rest of the islanders? Is that Ethan who just pulled a gun on Locke? And on a far less serious note, did Canadian Geese just cause another plane crash?

9:28PM: Hurley to Sayid after he was kind enough to break him out of the mental institution, “Maybe if you eat more comfort food, you wouldn’t have to go around shooting people.”

9:30PM: As much as I’m loving that LOSTerminds Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse haven’t dumbed the show down in order to keep it accessible to potential new fans. Surely I’m not the only TV Addict who is feeling a little bit well, lost?

9:40PM: Separated at birth just a little bit: Nestor Carbonell and Jeff Probst. Who’s with me?

9:53PM: Desmond makes his first appearance of the episode and learns via a memory of Daniel Faraday that he has to go back to Oxford.

9:58PM: The ghost of Anna Lucia returns from the dead to give Hurley tips on how to avoid getting arrested. Who’d have thought this episode would make “The Constant” seem simplistic. And kudos to actress Michelle Rodriguez for looking both healthy and sober.

10:07PM: LOVE that Neil is literally wearing a “red shirt!” Genius.

10:17PM: Cheech Marin returns as Hurley’s Dad.

10:25PM: Something really bad is happening to Rebecca Mader’s Charlotte Lewis.

10:26PM: The curse of the “red shirt” strikes again. RIP Neil Frogurt.

10:31PM: A burning arrow attack? When did the Losties transport to Sherwood Forest. How very ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES.

10:41PM: From the comments, Hilsto writes, “So did anyone else get the impression she blames Ben AND Jack for her husband’s death? She is getting pretty devious. I was feeling a lot of fake warmth in that scene with Kate.” To with this TV Addict responds, Agreed! Sun is totally turning evil this year.

10:58PM: Forgive me, but was I supposed to know who the mystery women Ben was talking to was? Very disappointed with tonight’s two hour premiere, check back tomorrow my thoughts.

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  • Mohammad

    holy frak

  • Anna

    holy frak indeed – if farraday helped build the station do you think the others are all there too?

  • Kristen

    Help! I missed the first 20 minutes! Can someone please fill me in?

  • Andrea

    What did the female reporter say when Ben & Jack were watching the TV? Something about, “the last two years, are still a mystery…” I missed it!


  • Anna

    To Kristen: The island is unstuck in time. There’s a huge energy source by the wheel in the orchid station. A shot of the Dharma Initiative showed Farraday at the building site. The people on the island are kind of being tossed through time. Two lawyers just showed up at Kate’s house asking for a maternity test for Aaron, so she’s running again. Jack and Ben are working together to get people back to the island. Sayid just broke Hurley out of prison. That’s pretty much it!

  • Thanks Anna for helping Kristen out!

  • Hilsto

    Time traveling without a shirt? Awesome. I feel like he should get a towel and a bath robe.

  • Anyone else pick up on the fact that any time Locke is near the plane, he has trouble walking?

  • Libby says hi – what an absolute mindfrak!

  • Nate

    Dude, anyone who thought that this show was confusing before is gonna pull their hair out watching this.

  • Nate…. I just posted, ” Who’d have thought this episode would make “The Constant” seem simplistic!”

  • I was a bit behind everyone else, but thanks to TiVo, I’m finally caught up.

    “We can’t even get fire!!!” Cue fiery arrow.

    Wow, Damon & Carlton have a sick sense of humor. 🙂

  • CJ

    I missed what Richard said to Locke when he was bandaging the wound…help !

  • Hilsto

    Not sure word for word but Richard implied that while Locke was traveling through time he wasn’t and that sometime in the future Locke will tell Richard he was shot and where to find him. Hence the fact Richard had first aid with him and already knew Locke had been shot.

  • Hilsto

    So did anyone else get the impression she blames Ben AND Jack for her husband’s death? She is getting pretty devious. I was feeling a lot of fake warmth in that scene with Kate.

  • Haya

    this episode is blowing my mind, so hard. I love it.

  • Rose Caffee!!!

  • Nate

    The mystery woman is the woan `Flashes Before Your Eyes’. She was the lady trying to talk Desmond into going back to the island

  • The woman at the end was Miss Hawking, from the episode “Flashes Before Your Eyes”. She’s the one who tells Desmond that he can’t marry Penny.

  • Haya

    Okay, white hair lady, is totes Faraday’s mommy.

  • tim w. in tx

    Darn, I missed the live blog. lol As for the ep, I got lost too. So much happened and Sun is surely evil. I bet she set Kate up. As for Hurley, he’s great. Love Hurley. As for the woman at the end, I bet she’s Faraday’s mom 2. lol I thought she was until Ben showed up instead of Desmond. lol I guess I flash forwarded. lol

  • CC

    It was sooooooo good. I missed Lost!

  • Kristen

    Thank you sooo much Anna!!! Also maybe I completely missed this but how is Ben off the island?

  • Hilsto

    Last season Ben turned the wheel under the island in order to save the island by “moving” it but in doing so he was left behind (or kicked out by the island) and ended coming out in the desert (my memory is getting fuzzy here) where he fights off some guys and manages to walk back to civilization. Presumably he flies to the States eventually and starts making contact with people because he can’t get back on his own.

  • Kristen

    Thank you Hilsto! So now with that answered, should we not be trusting him?

  • Hilsto

    Trust Ben? Perhaps only in the fact he might not be the worst of the bad guys. He is still pursuing his own end game which may or may not be beneficial to our guys. If body counts are any indication I don’t see trusting him ending very well for anyone in the long term.

  • annsensei

    I am anxious to find out who/what is charlotte’s constant!!! I’ll bet it’s ben.

  • you were disappointed??? WHAT??? That woman was Ms. Hawking! From the Desmond ep. that predicted his future.

  • Jillian

    I really liked how they used the Nigerian plane to help us keep track of where Locke was in island time. Boone’s alive, oh wait… Boone’s dead, Boone’s alive! Similarly, using the hatch to keep the timeline visible with Sawyer and crew: the hatch is blown up! oh wait, that hatch is back.

    Concrete visuals like that are pretty clever when you’re going into a time-jumping story. I was impressed.

    As far as the Oceanic Six… they’re not united anymore. We’ve got TeamSun, TeamBen, and (eventually?) TeamDesmond. I think I’d stick with Desmond…