Spotlight on LIE TO ME Star Tim Roth

tim roth lie to me

Why Tim Roth is “Spotlight” Worthy: Tonight, after sixty plus movies to his credit, he will jump from the big to the small screen with his new FOX series LIE TO ME. On which he plays DR. CAL LIGHTMAN, the world’s leading deception expert who studies facial expressions and involuntary body language to discover not only if someone is lying, but why.

Why Television: “They [producers] like to get us in their 40’s,” joked Roth. “They wait until you’ve got kids and you’re ready to go home after work rather than another hotel room.”

Take Two: When asked what (outside of the proximity to his family) attracted Roth to the series he responded, “I thought the character [Dr. Cal Lightman] was actually kind of interesting. So if we are going to be doing this for the long haul, which we may. The character would hold the interest for the audience as much as he would hold the interest for me.”

The Ugly Truth: “You work a lot harder when you’re on television,” revealed Roth on the differences between television and film. “At the moment I’m doing seven days a week and very long hours. Once they have you on set, they use you.”

On Taking His Work Home with Him: Even though playing a human lie detector would seem to have some highly beneficial real world applications, Roth is quick to shoot down the theory. Admitting that, “I’m really superficial and am trying my best not to take anything home with me. Although I find it fascinating to watch, [the ability to tell if people are lying] is not how I’d like to go through my life.”

Coming Up: Assuming they make a sequel to last summer’s THE INCREDIBLE HULK, Roth is signed, sealed and delivered. “I liked working with Louis Leterrier] the director very much and they’ve got me for all three of them.”

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  • TVFan

    Tim Roth rocks. Can’t wait to see him tonight on Lie To Me, after Lost of course.

  • Jessica

    So i DVR’d it and i have to admit I liked it especially Kelli Williams character. It was good definitely worth another go.