Good News, Bad News: George Clooney, GREY’S ANATOMY & Elisabeth Moss

Good News: George Clooney is officially scrubbing back into to the ER. Bad News: For what will no doubt be the most overhyped return in the history of television. [Source]

Good News: GREY’S ANATOMY showrunner Shonda Rhimes is feeling so encouraged by Obama’s victory that the GREY’S writers are developing more hopeful story lines resulting in more patients living. Bad News: Unless of course the surgeries go sour, in which case the patients will simply be coming back as ghosts. [Source]

Good News: Former President Bartlett’s daughter and current MAD (WO)MAN Elizabeth Moss has gotten engaged. Bad News: To SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (un)funny-man Fred Armisen. [Source]

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  • blueberry

    Who’s funny on SNL then? Because I’m having so much difficulty thinking of another person– and don’t say Kristen Whig because, though I like her also, all her characters are pretty much the same. And not Samberg. He’s just backed by his Lonely Island buddies.

  • TVFan

    Who’s funny on SNL. With the exception of Kristen Wiig. Nobody. Did you see last week’s episode. I felt really bad for host Rosario Dawson.

  • Josh Emerson

    I think SNL can be funny. The episode with Neil Patrick Harris was fantastic. Kristen Wiig is very funny, and I think Bill Hader is good too. They’d really improve the show if they dumped Armisen, Will Forte, and Kenan Thompson. Those three are just terrible.

  • Josh,

    Sure, SNL can be funny. But only when a host as dynamic as NPH is their to raise everyone’s game around him. Did you see the following week’s Rosario Dawson hosted installment. It was painful to watch.

  • Tim

    Dude, are you serious? Fred Armisen is great.

  • Ace

    Fred can be really funny. Did you guys see when he made fun of the CNN election map? Hysterical. “Watch, I can make Michigan bounce!” But I’ll be honest that I usually just watch Weekend Update and fast forward through the rest.