Question fo the Day: What’s Wrong With Earth?

president laura roslin, battlestar galactica

Now far be it from this TV Addict to question the command structure of Galactica, but seeing as though Adama and Roslin have quite a bit on their respective plates, I simply must get this off my chest by posing the following question: What is wrong with Earth?

Admittedly, it’s somewhat of a fixer-upper. But if WALL•E taught us anything, it’s that the most insignificant piece of green shrubbery signifies a sustainable environment suitable for life. You know, kind of like that little green thing in Roslin’s hand (see above photo.)

I just thought I’d point this out, because after last week’s incredible, albeit highly depressing installment, one can’t help but feel that our favorite rag tag fleet deserves to catch a break! RIP Dualla.

  • I thought of this too. My guess is that all or most of the Earth is still too radioactive for prolonged exposure. I believe someone in the episode stated that the water was still too contaminated to drink.

    On the other hand, wouldn’t the Cylons be able to survive it? They nuked the Colonial planets, but we’ve seen them occupy Caprica. In fact, we’ve seen humans survive for prolonged periods on Caprica, such as Helo and Anders’ group. Now that there’s an alliance of sorts between humanity and half of the Cylons, couldn’t the Colonials and Cylon rebels just re-take the 12 Colonies?

    It could be that Earth is even worse off. At least Caprica had buildings intact. Earth looks trashed. Plus, there’s still the prevalent theory that the “Earth” we’ve seen is not truly Earth but a Cylon-occupied planet named Earth. When asked about this in an interview, Ron Moore did not confirm or deny anything.

    And, while this is a little off-topic, I’m not sure I’ve been able to vent about it elsewhere, but… I really, really hate what they did with Dualla. I would have preferred not to have seen that “moment,” and it will be difficult for me to ever see her in reruns knowing where her character goes. I think the writers went too far. I don’t know what to make of the 5th (or, technically, 12th) Cylon reveal. Without knowing yet why that selection is significant, I don’t find it very compelling. I’m willing to see where they go with it, but my initial reaction is slight disappointment.