Exclusive Interview: HOUSE Star Olivia Wilde

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The TV Addict with Olivia Wilde, January 2009

We’re not going to lie. We’re wild about Olivia Wilde.

Not only was the actress, who can currently be seen starring on the hit FOX show HOUSE absolutely stunning in person. She’s funny (starting off our interview by poking fun at my Canadian accent), honest and opinionated. As evidence by the following interview, where she is only too happy to take on Thirteen’s detractors, discuss her character’s burgeoning relationship with Foreman and why she welcomes controversial roles.

Did the Thirteen/Foreman relationship take you by surprise?
Olivia Wilde:
It’s pretty cool, they’re a very sexy and kind of unpredictable pair. And I say that because the characters are not very similar other then the fact that they’re both very private, very independent and very professional. So for them to come together was a shock to me. Although, when I look back now and see how the writer’s were sprinkling hints in, I’m now like …”Oh, if I had been paying more attention I would have seen that coming.”

Can you spill a little on what is in store for the twosome?
Without giving any of the good stuff away because of course people want to be surprised, the coupling ends up helping one of us and hurting the other, making things very very complicated for both of us and maybe giving House a run for his money.

So it might be fair to say that you’re happy with the pairing?
I was happy because a lot of people when they saw Thirteen having a relationship with a women… or I wouldn’t even call it a relationship…

… Gratuitous make-out scene that gave FOX the greatest promo ever?
[Laughs] It was more than that hopefully. That episode for me was about Thirteen grasping at some sort of connection with someone which despite her best efforts turned into a deeper one.

But. This is great I think because people assume that when someone makes out with someone of their own sex they are gay. And I think it’s great when people learn about the definition of bisexual, which means people can be attracted to both sexes. I’m sick of people saying Thirteen is a lesbian. Why doesn’t anyone pay attention to the fact that there is a possibility of this third type of lifestyle? I think it’s important to represent that. Okay, that’s my rant on bisexuality. But I do think it’s great that Thirteen is so unpredictable because you don’t know who she is going to fall in love with. You don’t know what sex they’re going to be and you don’t know where they’re going to be from.

From THE OC to HOUSE controversy seems to follow you. Do you enjoy the controversy?
I do. I’m not afraid of a challenge and I think it’s interesting that people have such a huge reaction to my characters. I think it’s interesting to play ambiguous characters. It’s less interesting to play someone cut and dry one way or the other, and I don’t just mean in terms of sexuality, I mean anything¬†about their personality. I like playing people who are kind of on the fence about their own individuality, their own identity and I like having to defend my characters.

Well if you’re really interested in defending your characters there are probably a few online forums I can point you towards!
The fact that people are passionate about Thirteen and go online and rant and rave about how much they hate Thirteen, I’m kind of psyched about that. I’m like “WOW, they care enough!” What would make me sad is if people turned off halfway through an episode of HOUSE and were bored. For me, the fact that people care one way or another is always a success and as far as playing controversial roles it’s definitely more interesting and I think it’s always preferred to play controversial roles and I’m really honored people give me the chance to do that. I like that the writer’s trust me with that kind of material and I think it’s high time people start to get used to alternative lifestyles on television. Whether it’s sexuality or whatever. People are still getting used to interracial relationships on television and of course in the world we live in now, it’s time for people to become accustom to that too. Television has a certain responsibility to reflect reality and I certainly think that a lot of television doesn’t.

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