First Look Video: Jon Hamm on 30 ROCK

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Mad about Jon Hamm? You’re not the only one. On February 5th everybody’s favorite “Mad Man” drops by 30 ROCK to play Dr. Drew Baird, a new neighbor and object of Liz Lemon’s affection.

Unfortunately for Lemon, Hamm promises that, “There are various attempts to strike up chemistry, all of which seem to go comically and horribly wrong.” Fortunately for us 30 ROCK addicts, Hamm had us at “comically and horribly wrong!”

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  • I think “I want to go to there” is going to become the next “blerg.”

  • OMG, i love it! I can’t wait to watch that. Is he going to be there for a couple of episodes or just one?

  • Should be 3 episodes.

  • rockstarmom

    “Sorry I smell like frosting” reminds me of the movie Michael when all the ladies thought John Travolta’s character smelled like cookies.

    Got to say though, birthday cake is my most favorite thing in the world, so I could deal with John Hamm smelling like frosting everyday.

  • Epic Fail

    It’s Jon, not John.

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  • Shirley

    Can our girl Liz Lemon get a lurve break? I would love to see, at least, a prolonged relationship for her (like with Floyd, before he hightailed it to Cleveland). Of course, Mad Men Hamm can’t be on two shows. Sigh.

    Or can he?

  • If they really wanted, I think it’s entirely possible. Because Mad Men’s on during the summer with only 13 episodes and 30 Rock’s on during the regular season. It could work out… It’s a pretty long shot now, though.

  • Carolina

    Am I the only one seeing vague resemblance between Opens-the-door-weirdo and Hugh Grant? xD Awesome clip, I want more!

  • Juna

    Jon Hamm – irrisistable!

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