FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Delivers: Between the entire Panther football team rallying behind Smash, Buddy taking the opportunity to remind Tami that Scoreboard-Gate ‘09 isn’t going away anytime soon and Coach Taylor capping off the episode by dropping by the Williams’ household to let Smash and Momma Smash know that he’s got two weeks to prepare for his big tryout with Texas A&M, the only thing we can say about last week’s phenomenal installment of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is that should the show get a much deserved fourth season, NBC might wish to consider switching Dillon’s local hangout from an Applebee’s to a Chili’s. Because “Chills” is exactly what we get while watching one of the finest dramas television has to offer.

How I met a lovely ending: With apologies to Pam & Jim, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER’s Love Actually inspired ending on Monday has officially cemented Lilly and Marshall as television’s most romantic couple.

Emotional Betty: When it comes to UGLY BETTY’s Marc and Amanda, laughing until we cry is nothing new. But following Thursday’s episode, where Marc finally stuck up for himself by calling Willamina out for becoming too distracted with Connor and Amanda showed genuine feelings of friendship and respect for Betty during their unfortunate apartment breakup, it might take us a little while to get used to straight up crying (sans laughter) from our two favorite Mode employees.

And speaking of crying: Forget the Parent’s Television Council, the TV Addict’s Television Council is here to say that what Marc Sloane went through on Thursday’s installment of GREY’S ANATOMY should never EVER be the focus of a medical story-line again. Far too painful to watch and even more so to think about. Got that Shonda?

Revenge of the Sun: And finally, even though last week’s two hour LOST extravaganza left us with a plethora of questions, including but not limited to: Where exactly our favorite island is, Ben’s true intentions, not to mention Daniel Faraday’s indecipherable rules for time travel, there is one thing that we’re absolutely clear about Sun is heading to the dark side (cue ominous John Williams score) and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • bws

    I’d certainly enjoy a new, dark theme from Michael Giacchino. That would be nice. I love how the music on LOST isn’t just pretty, it actually gives clues about characters (and plot).

  • Ace

    I LOVE Marc and Amanda. Did you guys see the thing on Ausellio about ABC not airing Ugly Betty for a while to air Samantha Who? instead?? This does not bode well for the future of Marc and Amanda :-(. Perhaps they will get their own spinoff!

  • Josh C.

    if you thought last nights ep of FNL was good. you havent seen anything yet! I love having Directv….

  • tim w. in tx

    Loved Marc and Amanda on “ugly” last week. And even though, I, too, got “lost’ while watching said program, I’m glad I’ve stuck it out since season one. Sun’s turn to the dark side should be good. I smell Emmy. lol