Good News: Thanks to an exclusive deal with NBC, American Airlines passengers will now have the pleasure of watching Peacock favorites such as 30 ROCK, THE OFFICE and CHUCK at 30,000 feet. Bad News: Or, depending on your flight attendant’s mood, a MAMMA’S BOY marathon. [Source]

Good News: @brianstelter tweeted today that DirecTV is interested in a fourth season of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. Bad News: After Friday’s installment of the best show you’re not watching fell to fourth in its time slot, it remains to be seen just how interested NBC is. [Source]

Good News: After moving to Thursday and attracting nearly 10 million viewers, BONES may have finally gotten some long overdue respect. Bad News: Too bad it had to eviscerate UGLY BETTY in the process. [Source]

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  • akets06

    Great news for FNL!!!! Quality rewarded…It’s up to NBC now…

  • MD

    **Crossing my fingers for FNL***. Don’t screw this up NBC. Also, it’s funny you linked Brian Stelter because I went to school with him.

  • abcohen

    FNL is GREAT!!!! they need some marketing!!! or maybe even a push over the USA (where the bar isnt nearly as high – PYSCH) but then you really need to push out the USA HD to TimeWarner NYC

  • Charlotte

    I Love Friday Night Lights and have already watched the season on Direct TV. But I’m also re-watching it on NBC too. I just wished I had one of those Magical Neilsen Boxes. So I would count. That’s why I watch it online at NBC and Hulu several times a week. There isn’t anything on TV like Friday Night Lights. So, C’mon Panther Nation lets all watch those Lights in Dilion for the first time or the umpteenth time.

  • Ameria Johnson

    What can I say about this show… I have watched it over and over again and now I am watching the episodes again on NBC! Everytime I hear the theme music I just get excited and ready to visit Dillion, TX. I just hope season 4 actually happens. There are so many stories to tell and so much more football to watch. Besides, I want to know what happens to JD next year. I need to know what happens to Matt and Julie. I am hoping that Tim and Lyla realize that they can’t live away from each other and we find out that they actually did end up going to school near each other! I just want to find out that they are happy together.

  • Tor

    So i just barely started to watch FNL on Hulu like a week ago and have already finished the first 2 seasons, and am no watching the 3rd on TV. Seriously I have never seen any show with such amazing acting. All of the characters know exactly how to act like normal human beings. PLEASE LET THEM BRING IT BACK FOR A 4th SEASON!!! I seriously think that this show is amazing!!! Perfect amount of Football and Drama.


    Friday Night Lights is the best and most underated drama of the decade, NBC you have a chance to keep loya fans by allowing a 4th season, dont screw this up

  • Fnlfanman

    Fnl is a great show…i dont know why the ratings are low…i know i watch it every time it comes on nbc….please let there be a 4th season