Things Get UGLY For BETTY

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First things first, ABC has not canceled UGLY BETTY.

Yes, we realize that yesterday’s story by Michael Ausiello has a lot of you concerned, especially when said reporter ends off his story on such an ominous note (“The net’s [ABC] not saying [when Betty will be back], and that’s the part that has me worried.”) But remember, to his credit, Ausiello often prefers to create the story, rather than simply report on it (see seemingly never-ending posts related to movies that have very little chance of actually happening: GILMORE GIRLS, VERONICA MARS etc.)

The reality of the situation is that this happens all the time. At the height of their popularity, shows like ER, PRISON BREAK and even HOUSE have all been taken off the air to allow their respective networks the opportunity to launch new shows in their valuable time slot.

That said, yesterday’s news of a BETTY benching starting March 26 to make room for back-to-back comedies IN THE MOTHERHOOD and SAMANTHA WHO at 8PM on Thursdays, does raise one far more worrisome question.

Will anyone miss Betty?

Because the ugly truth is that we’re not sure we would. With the key word here being “miss Betty”. Because Marc and Amanda disappearing… that’s an entirely different story which we’ll be addressing later.

As much as we hate to say this, the main problem with UGLY BETTY is well, Betty. Even putting aside the ridiculous fact that she hasn’t been able to pick up even a semblance of fashion sense after spending almost four years working at Mode, nothing ever changes. Take Thursday’s episode for example. Once again, Betty messed something up at work and through a series of crazy plot happenstances, must save the company, Daniel or her own career all the while dealing with being pulled in two opposite directions (How on earth will Betty choose between her family or her job again!) I mean really people (and by ‘people’ I’m of course referring to the UGLY BETTY showrunners who undoubtedly are reading this!) Have you not made the connection between your show’s sinking ratings and the fact that you’ve repeated the same variation of “Betty saves the day” for seasons on end.

Which is why we’re jumping on board with frequent commentator “Ace” who proposed the one idea that everybody can get behind: The Marc and Amanda spin-off! Which we’ve already taken the liberty of titling: MARC AND AMANDA TAKE MANHATTAN.

Now all that is left to do is wait for Ausiello to start that spin-off rumor. Pass it on…

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  • Oh yea, because Ausiello is totally paying attention to toi. 😛

  • Linda B.

    Don’t hate me, because I’m sure I’m in the minority on this board here, but this show never looked that good to me. Not once have i even been tempted to tune in. And, I think America Ferrera has become way too overexposed in the last few years.

    So no, I will not miss this show.

  • bws

    SPOT ON! I posted nearly the same thing on Ausiello’s comments yesterday. Every time I think they’re going to take the show in a different direction, what do you know, they’re right back where they were a few episodes later. Case in point, Betty and Amanda become roommates. Now Betty is moving back home. Rinse and repeat. To be honest, I’m not sure if the show is worth saving. It needs a serious reboot. Four years is too long for this “fish out of water” running joke. Betty and her family all need to grow up a bit.

    And yes, of course, “Marc and Amanda take Manhattan” would be a great show! They can film a spin-off in the next couple of months and debut during May sweeps. I’m thinking … 30 minute show this time. What do you think?

  • bws: I too was floored with Betty and Amanda splitting up as roommates, especially because I thought that the Betty/Amanda pairing was one of the most positive development to happen to the show plot-wise in a long time. And not to be too harsh, but does the Suarez family not want to see Betty grow up, get a well paying job and get out of Queens? Isn’t that why Ignacio moved to America in the first place?

    Also, 30 Minutes for MARC AND AMANDA TAKE MANHATTAN is exactly what I was thinking!

    Oh and Tim G: Ausiello may not read, but I’m willing to bet he’s got a google alert set to his name!

  • That would be sweet!

  • Allthewine

    Watching this weeks episode I found Betty so shrieky and not really a sympathetic character. And seriously about the fashion and the eyebrows and the hair! And this perpetuation that she is somehow fat when she’s a size 6 at max.

    They need to take this time to retool the show. And what happened to Yeti?

  • bws

    Agreed! I feel a little wrong each episode but generally, I’ve been siding with Betty when she puts work in front of her family. Am I supposed to feel that way? I think I’m supposed to feel torn. A few episodes back she was supposed to get the fancy dress for the cover shoot so she had to miss that family thing? That was an easy decision. Betty isn’t a little girl. She has a career. Sometimes her job is really awful, but I’ve been siding with her a lot lately.

  • Ace

    I like being referenced in stories :). But seriously, let’s get that spinoff moving! I agree with bws…I was sooo upset at the end of last week’s episode when Betty said she was moving out. Anything that drops Amanda’s screen time is just not okay. Also, what happened to the journalism that Marc and Betty were doing (can’t think of the name…)?? I thought that was finally going to be the path to Betty growing up some. I think it is time for the show to move Betty and Marc away from being assistants to actually moving on with their careers in some way. Not necessarily away from Mode (unless ABC agrees with said spinoff!), but just something more than Betty screwing up and fixing it or Marc skeeming/helping Wilemina. Why don’t they try looking for Amanda’s father again or something a little less wrapped up each episode. It is starting to feel like a procedural without the crime lab.

  • Ace

    Also, I know it is a small thing but it bugs me each week. There is NO way that Betty would need to have braces this long. Let’s get those bad boys off.

  • Gabi

    Betty needs a change, her looks, her clothes – everything. It would be realistic for her to do it now because she has worked there so long, And yes, the braces needs to go too. If they would do this to her it would feel like a new show. And I also wish she would just tell her family, mostly Hilda, that she has a career – deal with it! Hilda asks way to much out of here, I feel like she is jealous and that’s becoming a big problem, I don’t want to hate Hilda, but if she keeps doing this…

  • Hil

    They lost me the fifth, sixth, or seventh time her family gave her grief about her job and family time. It felt like the show was trying to make me sympathize with the family when to me the family was completely in the wrong and increasingly annoying. I got tired of seeing Betty punished by her “support” group over stupid family things that really didn’t amount to anything that dramatic. Unless they did actually want me to get annoyed by it. In that case I was annoyed a looong time ago and they need to let the family grow up, move on, and be supportive again.

  • Hil

    And they do need to let Betty look a little more normal. I thought they were going to do that gradually, but it seems like she is just as tragic as in the first season. At least lose one or two staples of her season one look. I say lose the braces and the chunky jewelry!

  • pau

    I would like to tell a little word about the Veronica Mars movie : it is a game on, the showrunner told about the project officially and the producter is ok and it is Joel Silver, he is very important in the bussiness !
    So there is not little chance but BIG CHANCE !

  • Naf

    A lot of people may not agree with me, but I think this season is a return to form for Ugly Betty. I’m watching this weeks episode as i type this, but the episodes so far seemed like a step up from last year. I thought Betty really grew up after getting her new place, and the show continued to flesh out the other characters. I hope the show doesn’t stay off the air for too long.

  • tim w. in tx

    Perhaps because “Ugly Betty” got beaten by Fox’s “Bones” last week was the nail in the coffin thus “UB”‘s hiatus from the schedule. Hopfully it’s to retool the show and move these characters forward. Focus on character growth and not plot to fit the characters. As for the Marc and Amanda Show: LOVE IT. I think it should be about their off time. Or maybe when they first meet and partied. lol