You Be the Critic: LOST, LIE TO ME & LIFE ON MARS

Since this TV Addict has yet to catch up with all of last night’s television, I thought I’d open up the floor to you, my far smarter and better looking reading by posing the following questions three. (1) Did last night’s jaw-dropping reveals on LOST live up to the hype (also known as serious blogger-overhyped-eritis)? (2) Was LIE TO ME’s second episode as much fun as its first? (3) And most importantly, did anyone remember to tune into the return of LIFE ON MARS? And if so how was it?

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  • Lost (again) blew my mind. If they can keep this momentum than Gold Bless the writers.

  • I really want to like Lie to Me. I love Tim Roth and it’s got Andy Goode! But I wish they’d do a little less beating us over the head with what they see. There’s a lot of exposition and it pulls us away from characters who might just be pretty engaging.

  • abcohen

    WOW LOST was great… can EW and you please print a map and a timeline for those that are truly lost with the show!!!

  • allie

    I took a chance on Lie to Me and found I quite like it. I found myself eagerly awaiting this week’s episode. This week’s episode was good, although I have to admit I had both the “lies” and reasons for them figured out within the first 1/4 of the show. It was slightly frustrating that they didn’t figure it out so quickly on the show, but the interaction between all the employees kept me entertained. Suprisingly I really like Kelli Williams. I wasn’t a fan of her on The Practice, but she’s great in this show.

  • bws

    It’s going to take a little while yet before LOST starts making sense. The writers are purposely confusing and misleading us. BUT! The answers are absolutely great this year. And you can really tell that we have changed to more answers than questions. The story is always a little confusing at the start of the season. Damon and Carlton said Season 5 has 3 acts, Act 1 is episodes 1-7, Act 2 is episodes 8-13, and Act 3 is 14-17. So expect the biggest moments at the end of 7, 13, and 17. I just love finding out the Island history this season!

  • Nick.C.

    LOST LOST LOST LOST LOST….best show on tv EVER!!!!
    This season is off to a great start…

    Life on Mars…Im so happy it’s back.Best new show of the year by far.Having it after LOST is great.I hope more people start watching it.
    I knew that was going to be Gene Hunt’s daughter that Sam slept with but it was great to see his reaction when he found out.

    Lie to me….not so good.I really like Tim Roth but this show is stale.Maybe it will get better but it has already lost me.

  • Stephanie

    I am soo happy Life on Mars is back! Great episode on Wednesday! It’s gonna be hard to remember that it’s on Wednesday, though..I’m so used to Thursday.
    I was just confused that they never mention what happened in the fall finale, completely skipped over it, but in the preview for next week they show where it left off…