Tonight’s TV Addictions: February 2, 2009

Tough choices will have to be made tonight thanks to the fact that for the first time in a while, all five of the main networks have original programming on at both 8PM and 9PM. Here’s the breakdown of who’s showing what:

GOSSIP GIRL (8PM CW, A Channel in Canada)
As Blair once again proves why she’ll never be the teacher’s pet, Chuck wakes up in a hotel room with no memory of the previous night’s events. Who does he call for help in piecing things together? Why, Nate and Vanessa, of course. It ain’t like they’ve got anything else to do like, say, take part in a plot that revolves around them.

Life lesson Penny really should have learned by now: When times get help, don’t turn to Sheldon. He can only make matters worse.

CHUCK (8PM NBC, CityTV in Canada)
Are we watching? Absolutely. Are we bitter that this TV Addict’s Canadian Broadcaster CityTV completely dropped the ball by failing to ensure 3D glasses were available to Canadian CHUCK fans? You betcha!

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (8:30PM CBS, E! in Canada)
The clock is ticking down for Robin, who has to get a job or be sent packing. Fortunately, Barney is willing to lend a helping hand… and surely nothing could go wrong with that scenario, right?

24 (9PM FOX, Global in Canada)
Dubaku sets his sights on sending another powerful message as Jack and his band of misfits try to prevent things from getting any worse. All we wanna know is when Janis and Chloe will finally cross paths. Let’s face it… that’s where the real suspense lies!

HEROES (9PM NBC, 10PM Global in Canada)
This cycle is gonna be great! No, seriously, they promise! Sure, they said that about Villains, but if you just give ’em one more chance… yeah, um, we’re going to give this show one more shot. And only because DAMAGES’ Zeljko Ivanek is guest starring.

I’m amazed that ABC is continuing to push two hours of this a week, but hey, it makes for a nice block of programming that I don’t have to tape each week. For those watching, the five remaining gals head to Jason’s hometown, Seattle for a series of dates that will no doubt end with making out. Catty things will be said. Roses will be handed out. Someone will be disappointed. And in the end, we’ll all feel a little dirtier.

ONE TREE HILL (9PM CW, SunTV in Canada)
Okay, yes, I was wrong in predicting that Lucas would wind up in the director’s chair where his movie is concerned. (Although I’ll bet my entire financial portfolio — comprised mainly of Lehman Brothers stock — that he’ll end up there before this film is done!)

Tonight’s biggest mystery? What the hilarious title — “David Copperfield Slipped Me A Roofie” — has to do with the plot, which finds Alan moving in with her and her mom.

KYLE XY (9PM ABC Family)
After a few drinks, Kyle starts showing off his abilities in a way too public way. In other plot developments… oh, who cares. The show’s been cancelled, and I’ll bet it’ll end with a cliffhanger.

Show & Tell could get a whole lot more interesting when Sam and Mel’s nephew snaps a pic of them making the beast with two backs… and plans on sharing it with is class.

Confession time: The thought of pretty people forced to rough it amuses me.

Khandi Alexander’s Alexx returns when members of her former team are placed on a killer’s hit list.

It’s rare that a show gets into its fifth season without me having checked it out, but I’ll confess to having no interest whatsoever. For one thing, the episode descriptions often annoy me. For example, tonight’s says, “Allison’s insights about her friend’s former husband and current spouse take the case in unforeseen directions.” Okay, the chick is a medium. It says so right there in the title. So how can there be unforeseen anything? I’m just sayin’.

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  • blueberry

    No fair.

    Canadians get to watch 24 and then Heroes on the same channel, while Americans have to make a choice between Bauer or Petrelli (shouldn’t be too hard, Petrelli has no balls anymore).

    Forget universal healthcare, I’m moving to Canada for Global.

  • blueberry,

    I’ll trade you Global TV for access to and

  • Jessica

    Kyle XY is being cancelled seriously? I’m sad to say I’m not to surprise I’ve been kinda forcing myself to watch it hopeing that it’ll turn around soon. I guess I wasn’t the only one. I can’t wait for GG and HEROES

  • foursweatervests

    no love for Chuck?

  • foursweatervests,

    Thanks for reminding me. In truth, tonight’s installment of CHUCK is bittersweet due to my total lack of 3D glasses.

  • CC

    MAN I’m sick of good shows being cancelled! Kyle xy pushing daisies moonlight etc etc. I have no faith in television networks what so ever! Theyre freakin idiots!

  • Hilsto

    I love Medium. One of the few shows where the female lead is actually married and the whole “who will she end up with” thing isn’t part of the show as seems to be the case for every other drama out there. In fact her husband and family are part of what makes the show so good. You don’t really get to see that played out on tv.

    The show is a lot better than its TV Guide blurb. Not sure why people read those anyway. Are they ever quite right? I can’t remember why I started watching it because it is definitely not the type of show I watch (I think I was afraid it was another Ghost Whisperer and avoided it the first few seasons) but I ended up catching a few and was hooked enough to pick up the box set. And yes, she’s a medium but that doesn’t mean she can turn it on and off at will. The premise they set up works.

  • none

    ok if you fought trought the first 45 minutes of heroes you wouldnt disappointed imo

    that plan crash thing was great
    u gotta love stories that start with a plan crash lol

  • Josh C.

    this season of 24 more than makes up for last season.

  • Ace

    See the plane crash was the worst part of the episode to me. I was actually enjoying the characters being semi-normal and seeing them get back to their daily lives. And then it was like, just kiiiiidding, we’re going to round them all up, put them on a plane and then CRASH it! See what we did there, viewers, DRAMA! Gahhhh! When does Bryan Fuller come back?

  • I’m confused about Peter’s power(s) on Heroes. At the end of Volume 3, did he get his power back? If so, I’ve already forgotten how.

    I’ve read some theories elsewhere as to the change in Peter’s ability(ies), and I think some people may have noticed something I didn’t. I’m tempted to ask a question about it here, but I’m not sure this if thread is considered spoiler-free or not.

  • Ace

    Todd: Peter took the shot that Mohinder developed to give powers. But I think it just gave him back the power to absorb other people’s powers, not all of the powers he used to have. That was why he said something to Nathan like what was the last power you saw me use and he said he saw Peter fly. So now he has to go about recollecting them… And if you want to ask something spoilery, I say just make that your first sentence in biiiiiig letters. haha

  • none

    I think I know what you want to ask TODD

    And yes it really seems like it – otherwise the last scene wouldnt be such a shock if you know what I mean
    But if its really like that he is in danger

    Hope I didnt give too much away, for those whohavent seen it yet

    Okay, it’s been a couple more days, and this post is about to move into the Previous Posts territory anyway, so I’ll be less cryptic about my question…

    It seems Peters abilities have two new limitations (*Spoilers*), one obvious, the other possibly just assumed: (1) he has to touch someone to absorb their ability; (2) he may be limited to one power at a time.

    I’m totally okay with #1. That’s probably how it should have been all along to keep his powers from getting out of hand in the first place. And, since they did get a little excessive, I can understand the writers trying to “reset” his abilities (even though the events of Volume 3 was a bad way of doing it).

    On the other hand, I don’t like limitation #2, because I liked bad-@$$, multi-power Peter. I liked that it made him unique among the heroes and that it made him the equal & opposite to Sylar. It made him special among those that were special. I’ll be disappointed if they really do give him this limitation.