Good News, Bad News: CHUCK, PRIVILEGED, REAPER & More!

Good News: The heavily hyped post-Super Bowl 3D episode of CHUCK netted the criminally under-watched series its best ratings of the season. Bad News: Too bad 8.35 million viewers still weren’t enough to put a dent in HOUSE, THE BIG BANG THEORY or THE BACHELOR which still managed to wipe the floor with the gang from Buy More. [Source]

Good News: For REAPER fans, who will get to see their favorite series return on March 3 — two weeks earlier than originally planned. Bad News: For PRIVILEGED fans, whose season (or is it series?) will wrap up earlier then originally planned, possibly indicating the CW’s lack of long term confidence in the series. [Source]

Good News: ABC Family orders 20 more episodes of GREEK (a TV Addict favorite) and announces a summer 2009 bow. Bad News: And quietly cancels KYLE XY in the process. [Source]

  • Monday at 8:00 is a tough slot. Right now my winners are Gossip Girl and HIMYM (Big Bang wins by default). House, with it’s exceptionally LAME season got axed when they switched timeslots. Chuck remains, sadly, in third place – which my TiVo does not yet support.

  • Hil

    Not a hard choice for me. I’d pick Chuck every time. I wouldn’t watch any of those other shows even if they were not in conflict with Chuck. For me it was Chuck VS T:SCC. And that’s been sorted out.

  • shanna

    I’m with Jeff. GG and HIMYM/BBT own the 8pm timeslot for me. House has been put on the backburner cause of their time switch and Chuck never had a chance. Unfortunately there’s been a dearth at 9. I don’t want to watch OTH anymore but the options are that or Heroes (I never got into 24)

  • Ace

    I just don’t know what the networks were thinking when they scheduled the 8 PM slot for Mondays. And then there is pretty much nothing on at 9 other than Heroes, which isn’t that good anymore. I wish they would flip flop Chuck and Heroes.

  • PJ

    Now that we’re going head to head against American Idol, Reaper needs all the viewers it can get! Give Reaper a chance and watch it live (tape AI if you must). If you want more info, all the Reaper news can be found at Thanks!

  • Kxyfan

    I am very sad over the cancelling of Kyle XY. I think it was just too good a show for ABC Family. ABCF is changing it’s original programming focus for the young (teenage) female viewer who evidently only wants to watch shows like Secret Life. That’ is fine but they should have given us some closure for Kyle XY. Of course, we fans want a lot more of Kyle XY thus the campaign to MOVE THE TUB (to another network). Check out the campaign at