You Know You’re a TV Addict When…

… You become so obsessed with the theme from FRINGE that you spend the better part of an hour searching google for the perfect version to turn into your very own ringtone (which in case you’re wondering, can be found here!)

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  • e

    Dear Fringe Addict, er, make that TV Addict, Please please please give us loyal readers lots and lots of coverage of the upcoming Fringe and Dollhouse panels? We love you. 🙂 And thanks in advance

  • Will do my best 🙂

  • I guess you never heard about Audiko, did you? 😉

  • Andy

    Sweet! I was looking for this!

  • Ace

    I can’t remember whether I have already said this but it is worth stating again. I’m so glad this show is back from break. I missed Walter’s antics. And how funny is it that real life Oliva married real life John Scott?