Get ready for “CHUCK Fans Versus NBC!”

josh schwartz, Yvonne Strahovski

Is NBC prepared to face an onslaught of angry CHUCK?

Because that is exactly what they network will be facing should NBC choose not to renew this criminally under-watched series for a third season. Especially after CHUCK co-creator Josh Schwartz revealed to during a press conference prior to yesterday’s New York Comic Con panel that the third season finale will not wrap up the adventures of Chuck Bartkowski in a nice bow, but rather serve as a mind-blowing “Game Changer” that will launch the show in an entirely different direction.

Desperate for more intel?

Has the season finale been written?
Josh Schwartz (JS): It’s being written.
Chris Fedak (CF): I’m supposed to be writing.
Josh Schwartz (JS): As we speak actually.

Since you won’t discover whether CHUCK gets picked up for a third season until after you finish writing and shooting the finale, will you be writing it as a cliffhanger, or a series finale?
JS: We are not writing it as if it is a series finale at all. It’s actually what they call a “Game Changer.” It’s pretty mind blowing, really fun and something we’ve been talking about for two years now. It will launch the show in a really exciting, very different kind of direction.
CF: We designed the season to head towards the finale so we’re really excited about it.

Can fans expect any big name guest stars?
JS: Chevy Chase and Scott Bakula will appear up through the finale… you’ll see the “Awesomes” again…
CF: …and “The One”

The One?
CF: Jordana Brewster, The cat’s already out of the bag on that one.
JS: And you’ll get to meet Jeff’s sister.

Will the Buy More be facing its own economic crisis?
JS: Fun, economic downturn. I think the “Underpants Etc” is struggling in the Buy More Complex. Large Mart will have some layoffs.
CF: In the next couple of episodes some issues do come up. There will definitely be struggles and lots of drama.
JS: In the store. Emmitt will try to figure out how to replace the Buy More customers with robots.
CF: It gets very Shakespearean.

Now that you’ve conquered CHUCK in 3D, what’s next?
JS: We need to take it to the next level, Smellovision! Vibrating seats! We can top ourselves.

How much attention do you pay to the online fan community?
JS: Too much.
CF: Yeah, we can get a little obsessive. I’m a masochist.
JS: We read everything, it’s who the show is for. You can get a lot of constructive ciriticsim, you can go to far, allow every note to aggravate you. That’s what Sepinwall does, he’s always on our ass (Note: Star-Ledger critic Alan Sepinwall moderated the panel)
CF: I’ve destroyed a couple of computers.

And since I’m somewhat of an OC addict, I have to ask. WHen are OC alum Adam Brody and/or Peter Gallagher dropping by?
JS: It’s always a possibility, we had Rachel [Bilson] and Melinda [Clarke] on. So we’d love to try and figure it out.

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  • Ace

    I love Chuck. Now that Pushing Daisies is done (*tear*), it is in the #2 position right behind LOST. BUT I have good news for everyone. My husband and I were asked to be a Neilson family during sweeps, so I will do my part and help Chuck! If only they had asked while PD was still on the air :(.

  • Awesome interview. Thanks!

  • The first paragraph confused the hell out of me. When you said “the third season finale will not wrap up the adventures…” you meant the second season finale, right?

  • hermione

    Don’t renew Chuck and I’ll be totally pissed off!

  • Alan

    Yeah, I agree with Watt, why would you talk about the THIRD season finally when the SECOND is not even done. Also, the THIRD season is still not even certain, so I can only assume you made a mistake there. Very good interview though.

  • Andrew

    If they get rid of chuck, well I won’t watch NBC again, il even switch from conan to letterman

  • I Say:

    Why take chuck away from nbc, yes you may not be having alot of viewers but try to think about the viewers that you are going to lose. Why do that to me and everybody else that spemd there mondays @ 8 to watch a show they actually enjoy. I think that you guys are making a big mistake, just try to think about what your doing. However Zach, Yvonne,Adam,Josh, Sarah, Ryan and other members of the cast you guys are all doing a great job. Keep the good work up.

    P.S. you guys should be p.o, at least I would be I don’t if you guys actually enjoyed making episodes for but if you did you guys should do something[please, i cant im only a teenager i have my whole life ahead of me.

  • Hale

    NBC better renew Chuck for another season. It is the one show that I really care about and read forums and cannot wait for the next episodes. I hope NBC actually decides to listen to the fans and see that Chuck is the best fan rated!

  • Eli

    Why are you ending chuck?…it is my favorite TV show!

  • Jeff

    If NBC doesn’t renew Chuck then I’ll say F-you to NBC and never watch ANYTHING they put on tv again…including news shows, SNL and late night talk shows.

    I even refuse to watch Southland and Kings in fear that I might give them a ratings boost to replace Chuck’s time slot. Once I know Chuck is safe I’ll watch NBC’s other new programs. Until then, NBC bros…you’re just flappin’ against the wind with your new stuff.

  • Capri

    I am anxiously awaiting the good news that Chuck will be renewed. Loved the episode on April 6 with Scott Bakula and chevy. Would love to see Chuck go to the next level, maybe with the nerd herd leaving the Buy More and being a geeky squad ala Q!

  • Mike

    Chuck is the ONLY show I watch.It is so good with comedy,action,good stories,and background tunes(which I am constantly downloading)that I watch recorded episodes 3 times each night rather than watching ANY other 1st run new or regular show.By the way It’s also the ONLY show the whole family likes.

  • If we all show our support, maybe Chuck will make it. You can help at

  • Rick

    Great actor chemistry, romance and action packed, filled with heartwarming characters and moments, filmed in “light” illumination…not dark as most TV shows of today. NBC needs to go with that same heart and listen, not disappoint, the fans…3rd season! SAVE CHUCK!!!!!!

  • Renor

    SAVE CHUCK..please..
    i’m an avid fan. Good to hear about the new season.. i can’t wait for it. (*giggles*) 🙂

  • WealthyJewFro

    What’s this new approach the writing staff has taken in order to make everyone’s personality completely anemic on the show? How is it possible to hate every single character after having previously loved each one?
    Seriously, what is this new writing style called? Great work gang.