Good News, Bad News: Monday Night TV, Zac Efron, SNL & VERONICA MARS

Good News: President Obama is big on change. Bad News: He’s also big on addressing the nation and continually reminding us that we’re screwed. Which by the way, we already get. So how about cutting us a little slack by allowing us to drown our sorrows in television instead of bumping new episodes of HOUSE, CHUCK and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER to next week and pushing THE BIG BANG THEORY back to 9:30PM? [Source]

Good News: Zac Efron is getting set to host SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE on April 11. Bad News: Vanessa Hudgens is still waiting on that callback for an Arby’s commercial. Awkward. [Source]

Good News: It’s official! Rob Thomas will pitch Warner Bros. Studio on the highly anticipated VERONICA MARS movie next week. Bad News: For actor Michael Muhney. RIP Sherrif Lamb. [Source]

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  • Josh Emerson

    Bad news. CBS announced HIMYM is gonna be a repeat next week too. 🙁 So it’ll be at least two weeks before we see the episode that was supposed to air tonight.

  • Ace

    Oh no, that’s sad! Is there something on against Monday TV next week too? 🙁

    I am glad we finally have a president who wants to talk to the nation about our problems instead of rocking in a corner and letting his VP take over (sorry, little rant), but I really wish he would have gone w/ 9 PM. Then we could have our cake and eat it too so to speak. Plus, 6 PM would be a more reasonable time for the West Coast. We’re going to have to work on his planning skills.

  • Jo

    Is it selfish of me to just wish they all aired later in the AM and let my Tivo take care of it since I have one (like a lot of people) and can do that?

  • ewanspotter

    Arby’s. Nice.