EVERWOOD Alum News: Chris Pratt Joins Amy Poehler’s PARKS AND RECREATION

chris pratt parks and recreation

With today news that EVERWOOD alum Chris Pratt will be joining the cast of Amy Poehler’s highly anticipated new NBC comedy, it should come as no surprise that this TV Addict is in complete agreement with Michael Ausiello when he says that PARKS AND RECREATION “just went from Must-See TV to Wild-Horses-Couldn’t-Drag-Me-Away TV.”

That said, we’re going to have to disagree with Ausiello when it comes to his assertion that, “the only thing that could make this show better is if they hired Cheri Oteri to play Poehler’s wacky assistant.”

Because we just so happen to believe that there are not just one, but rather two actors that could make this show even better than the hiring of an actress whose most notable gig over the past decade involves almost being cast in a J.J. Abrams comedy that is most likely never going to happen.

Their names: Tom Amandes (EVERWOOD’s Harold Abbott) and Liza Weil (GILMORE GIRLS’ Paris Geller). Two hilarious and talented actors that not only deserve a starring role in a Greg Daniels comedy, but would look smashing in matching Parks & Rec uniforms.


  • TVFan

    Liza Weil would also make a great addition to Grey’s Anatomy

  • Mohammad

    Liza Weil needs to be in a comedy. She was so funny in Gilmore Girls.

  • Forget Grey’s. Put Liza against the Gossip Girls. Now THERE’S someone Blair would have to reckon with.

    SOOOOO EXITED ABOUT THE BRIGHT NEWS!!! Loved your “Wild Horses Couldn’t Drag Me Away” category. I should use that!

  • Ace

    Gilmore Girls is pretty much my favorite show ever, so anything involving the old cast is a ok with me!