Exclusive Interview: Thomas Dekker Fights For the Future

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Turns out that actor Thomas Dekker has learned a thing or two about fighting for the future over the course of two season on TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES.

Because on a chilly morning in January, Dekker took an unscheduled break from his exhaustive shooting schedule to drop by the Hotel Palomar, fight for his future employment (or as they call it in the biz, a third season pickup for TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES) to talk up what fans can expect when TERMINATOR returns to the airwaves this Friday February 13th at 8PM on FOX.

With apologies for starting this interview off on a bit of a negative note, I have to ask, are you surprised to still be on the air?
Thomas Dekker:
I am and I’m not surprised, because internationally we’re doing really really well [in the ratings]. So it’s kind of that tough thing, because obviously, when you look at the ratings stateside you think “huh?” But then you look and see how we’re doing around the rest of the world and you kind of get it.

Sort of like how PRISON BREAK is huge internationally, but not so much in America?
Exactly. Most of the fan mail I get is from England.

Have you started to get recognized when you travel?
I’ve rarely been recognized because of the hair difference. Just when everyone got used to me with the long hair…. God I miss my long hair….

Really? Because I have to say, I’m not sure the fandom misses Emo John Connor.
[Laughs] The short hair is more fitting with the character, but for me, it’s a psychological need to be able to hide.

Moving on to John, what’s his deal? When is he going to smarten up, ditch Riley and stop putting his family in danger?
Don’t lose faith. All I’m going to say is don’t lose faith. He’s got a plan and he’s had a plan. What I love so much about our back nine, for me personally, is John is a lot smarter even than I think everybody gives him credit for.

I hope John has a plan, because fans are starting to lose faith in him.
Oh, I did too. But we save him. I swear.

Is John aware that Riley isn’t whom she appears to be?
I don’t want to say yes or no because that’s kind of a big thing.

Well at the very least, can you assure fans that John will try to be a better son.
I think you;ve got to cut John some slack! I mean, can you imagine having to grow up with that [Sarah] all your life? Jesus Chris, I mean I have issues with my Supermom!

What I will say is that where we went with John and Sarah’s relationship gave us a lot of drama and it was a believable evolution after what happened to him in the beginning of the second season where it would only be natural that he would want to push her away and act out. I understand though that it was weird, having him both mature and act out at the same time. That said, after we killed Cromartie in Mexico and Sarah broke down only to be embraced by John, we kind of felt that that was the moment that I stop with the sh*t and realize this woman is falling apart and I do love her. And remember, John really is the only one who is on her side about her craziness with the three dots which of course isn’t craziness at all.

Since you brought it up, what can you tell us about the three dots?
We’ve actually shot episodes that clear up the three dots. Which is part of what I love about our back nine [episodes]. All these weird things we’ve done that have left fans wondering what the hell it all means pretty much get answered boom, boom, boom, boom and give-way to new stuff, which is really satisfying for me.

Were you surprised where the back nine take the show?
Yes. Although we’re not told much, I’ve kind of been given clues here and there that make me think we’re building up to something extremely exciting. Something that makes me pray we get a third season. Let’s just say that things get really interesting with John Henry [formerly Cromartie] and my father.

Your father?
Just wait.

So what you’re saying is that the season ends on a massive cliffhanger that will have fans fuming if FOX doesn’t renew the show?
Well there’s closure and at the same time a total lack of closure. There is closure to what’s been propelling all of season two. But at the same time, the season will end on a new note that for me, personally, will have be desperate to see more.

Don’t miss the thrilling return of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES this Friday February 13th on FOX at 8PM

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