A Conversation with TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES Star Richard T. Jones

richard t jones terminator
Richard T. Jones and the TV Addict in Los Angeles, January 2009

Let me first start off by saying how cool it is for you to take the time. Yourself and Thomas [Dekker] were not scheduled to drop by and I think it’s great to see how willing you all are to support the show.
Richard T. Jones:
Well we love the show. I didn’t know Thomas was going to be here either. It’s good to see him.

Especially since you almost never get to see any of the Connors on screen. What happened to your plan [from when we last talked] for an Agent Ellison/Sarah Connor hook up?
I know right. We got to start something so fans start clamoring for Sarah and James to get together.

Because James and Catherine Weaver doesn’t exactly have the same ring to it, right? She’d probably try and kill you in your sleep.
Exactly! She’s a robot, she’s a Terminator. Even though it would probably be…. anyway.

[TV Addict Note: Thomas Dekker walks by]

RJ: Look at you, still pimping it. How was Vegas?
TD: Great. I had a great Birthday.
RJ: Good for you, when was your Birthday?
TD: December 28, I’m 21 now.
RJ: You’re 21 now? The world is not safe, my goodness

When is Agent Ellison going to start realizing that there’s something not quite right about Catherine Weaver?
It’s a hard question to answer because I’m afraid if I start smelling something fishy, I’ll die! So in that sense, I kind of like being ignorant. But I think I’m already starting to figure out that something is not right with her, something is not kosher with this woman who you know… is a little off. But I don’t know exactly when I’m going to put my finger down on the whole thing. But it’s coming… I think it’s coming, unfortunately.

As we build up to a huge finale?
I have no idea. Maybe Thomas [Dekker] knows because he’s always calling the writers. I don’t do that!

Well, what you are doing is spending time teaching John Henry [also known as the robot formerly known as Cromartie] about humanity.
Yup, I’m responsible for his education. I feel like my character is helping to build Skynet.

Is that something you really want to be proud of?
The thing is, that Agent Ellison really doesn’t know anything about Skynet. It’s really foreign to him. All he knows about is that Terminators are real. He doesn’t know the big thing that’s behind the Terminators.

Not to bring it all back to Sarah, but a brief conversation with her might really go a long way towards saving the world!
I think there is going to be a conversation with Sarah. But right now, Sarah is sweet and she wants to keep me in the dark because she doesn’t want my life to get totally messed up.

Can Agent Ellison’s life really get anymore messed up than it already is?
Exactly. My life is already messed up! Sarah might as well tell me anything.

Although if characters on say LOST took a moment to sit down and have an actual conversation with each-other, things would probably get a lot less interesting for the viewer.
[Laughs] Yeah, they’d get un-lost pretty quickly.

Before I let you go, favorite movie, book and television show of last year (not of course including TERMINATOR)
Movie of the year was DOUBT, both amazing and well acted. Book of the year… every year is the Bible for me. And TV show, you’re going to laugh at me but I’m just going to say it anyways, DANCING WITH THE STARS. I love that show.

Would you be a contestant?
They [presumably FOX] won’t let me.

What about when TERMINATOR ends five seasons from now?
I would love to go on that show.

Well you’ve got my vote.
Don’t forget!

Don’t miss the return of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES this Friday February 13th on FOX at 8PM