Meet Your AMERICAN IDOL Top 36

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  • Nick

    Thank heavens I have no vested interest in ANY of these finalists, so I can happily continue avoiding the show like the plague.

    The writer’s strike last year got me hooked for the season (let that be a lesson, Hollywood) on JCastro, DArchuleta and DCook. But I’m not anxious for a return visit to Seacrest’s world anytime soon.

  • bws

    Same here, Nick. I watched last season as well. And hate myself to this very day because of it. Now they’re interrupting Fringe for 7 weeks. Have they no soul?

  • Ace

    Nick, the same thing happened to me too! Darn writer’s strike. I do still love me some David Cook though, so I guess it isn’t all bad…

  • MF

    They’ve suckered me in with their ‘roughneck’ picks and Scott Macintyre. Oh yes, I’m that easily drawn in.

  • I don’t watch American Idol, so I don’t know how any of them sing. But, from the pictures alone, it looks like there may be several Katharine McPhee’s in the bunch.

    So, are the top 36 just the ones that make it to the Hollywood phase where they do group singing? Or, is that part already over too?

  • Josh Emerson

    Hey, there’s nothing wrong with watching Idol! I’ve watched every season since the second. Danny and Anoop are my guys this season.

    I have no idea what the **** they were thinking with some of these people though. Why are Nick/Norman and Tatiana in the Top 36?!

  • Amy

    I definatly agree with you Josh…Tatiana is a good singer though…She’s just also annoying, stupid, and maybe a bit crazy. And letting Nick in is just stupidity. Gimmicky crap. Hopefully america is smart and vots him out.

    My faves are Kristen, Adam, Scott, Danny, Michael, Allison and Nathaniel
    I’m sure that’ll change though

  • I heard someone on the radio ranting about the picks. It sounds like several people who forgot the lyrics to their audition songs made it through to the next round anyway. Do they really sound good enough that forgetting the lyrics can be overlooked? I thought forgetting lyrics was a huge no-no on this show.

  • Kristen

    I agree about the whole forgetting the lyrics thing. The first thing Simon said on the last round of Hollywood week was “Forget the words and you’re out.” Obviously, that was just for dramatic effect.