Are the Crew of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Totally Frakked?

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“In years past, I’ve attended [Comic Con] with the hopes of selling pictures and autographs, and taking home some desperately-needed bill paying money. I always tried to put the most positive face on it that I could, but the fact is, I was there as a has-been. That guy who “used to be” an actor. It was always humiliating and depressing for me to spend most of the day “under the sails.” I struggled to keep my chin up, and convince myself that I wasn’t a total loser.” Will Wheaton (STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION) on selling autographs at Comic Con.

As the TV Addict crosses another exciting Comic Con off his “bucket list,” our thoughts as they often do, turn to those less fortunate than us. The actors and actresses that spend their time at “the Con” selling signed photos and some might say their dignity away for twenty bucks a pop.

For those who have never been, it’s a Comic Con tradition. From that Orion Slave girl who has made a career signing autographs off one memorable guest appearance on STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES to current BATTLESTAR GALACTICA star Aaron Douglas, who fellow BSG cast members once joked has yet to turn down a convention invite, there’s something incredibly depressing about actors trying to hold onto, not to mention cash in on their fifteen minutes of fame.

Which naturally got us thinking about the current crew of the Galactica as this epic series inches closer and closer to its thrilling conclusion. Putting aside Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell who let’s face it, are the STAR TREK equivalent of Patrick Stewart and Kate Mulgrew. Who among the cast (both human and cylon alike) will have an actual career after the end credits roll on BSG’s series finale? And who will boldly go where far too many SciFi actors have ended up: to Comic Con… and beyond!

Post your predictions in the comments below.

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  • TVFan

    My picks for the actor who we’ll most likely seeing at future comic cons go to: Gaeta, Tyrol, Dualla and Tory!

  • I think Tory foster will have a rich career in UK television, or episodes of shows like ER

  • Hil

    Kate Mulgrew? That is pretty insulting to Mary McDonnell. Besides, you only picked her because she is the only female captain that came to mind…Trek did a poor job at that.

  • Hil: Easy on Kate Mulgrew! Was she not the only good thing about VOYAGER!? But yes, she wouldn’t have been my second choice for most successful post TREK actors next to Patrick Stewart.

    Rajeev: I didn’t realize Tory was British.

  • Asta77

    I actually find this article pretty insulting. Cons are not what they use to be. Some actors choose to continue to do them not because they desperately need money, but because cons are offering them lots of money to appear and it provides some nice extra income. Mary McDonnell and Edward James Olmos have started doing cons recently and seem to enjoy the experiences as well as being highly paid to appear. Jamie Bamber, Grace Park, Tahmoh Penekitt, Aaron Douglas, Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer have all moved on to series work, yet are still making con appearances. In addition to some of the ‘Battlestar’ people, I have also had the pleasure of meeting Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion, and Adam Baldwin at cons, none of whom seeming to be lacking in job offers. The days of cons simply being a last ditch effort to hold on to fame are over. Cons are big business and in the case of Comic Con big PR events for the studios.

  • Dear Asta77,

    There is a huge difference between the actors you mentioned above headlining a convention and what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the has-beens who were a semi-regular on LOST IN SPACE forty years ago. Not Nathan Fillion.

  • Hil

    Robert Picardo was the only thing worth noting about Voyager. Otherwise the show managed to deviate from its moderately interesting premise (isolation and survival similar to BSG or Lost) about two episodes in and never recovered. And they also made the Borg stupid(er). So, fail.

  • Hil: Your comment made me laugh which is why I’m awarding you our first ever favorite TV Addict comment of the Day. Congrats and enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.

  • What have you got against Aaron Douglas doing conventions? Battlestar Galactica is still airing. In 2 years time if he’s still doing cons and signing BSG headshots, by all means you can take issue with it and I’d probably agree with you. But right now, I don’t see a problem with it.

  • Asta77

    Dear TVaddict,

    I won’t even go into referring to actors who, unfortunately, didn’t manage to move beyond their early TV or film success as “has beens”, but in your original post you asked who among the BSG cast would have a career and who will end up doing cons? Out of a very large cast of actors you only singled out Mary and Eddie as definitely having careers, when so many of the cast have moved on to new projects, some very high profile. So, in reference to your question, the answer is many, if not all of them, will have both – careers and con appearances in their futures.

  • Hilsto

    I think the cast of Stargate Atlantis would be far more likely subjected to what you are talking about than the cast of Galactica who seem to be in a good position to land higher profile jobs in the industry and find success post-BSG. Either in the States or in the UK. If anything I can see some of them getting rehired onto shows filming in Vancouver and pop in and out of other shows like Mitch Pileggi seems to do (SGA, Supernatural). Heck. McQueen from Space Above and Beyond has been a regular on 24. Anything is possible. You’ll probably be remembered for that particular role people fell in love with you in but these days there are enough genera shows out there you can still find legit work and not just the endless Con tour.

  • Hilsto

    Uh “genre” I mean. *cough*

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  • Julia

    Since I have no crystal ball, I don’t know who among the BSG cast will have great careers but I’m really rooting for Aaron Douglas, Tahmoh, Tricia, Jamie Bamber and Katee.

  • SJU

    Even Jeri Ryan is coming to a con this year.

    No Televison work + recession = lots of cons.