Question of the Day: Is Friday the New Thursday?

With tonight’s series premiere of DOLLHOUSE, the return of TERMINATOR THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and of course BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, this TV Addict is not only officially proclaiming that Friday is the new Thursday, but also the most exciting, suspenseful and emotional night of television of the week. Agree, disagree, post away.

  • bws

    It is becoming a more important night of TV even if it goes for a more specific genre. I really like TSCC and I’ll give Dollhouse a try. I’m a little worried about Dollhouse based solely on the previews but I think I’ll give it about 4 weeks.

    I’m not a sci-fi superfan but hasn’t a lot of sci-fi programming always been on Friday night? The big news is that FOX is now pushing it with two of their bigger budget shows. It’s a good move for FOX because they broadcast news in the 9pm central block while all the other networks are doing original programming (until NBC goes Leno all over us). And with Idol taking up 3 or 4 of their limited prime-time hours each week, it’s a good move to put that Friday time to use. In the age of DVR, a Friday night show can work just fine, I think.

  • Linda B.

    God I hope not. I couldn’t handle another Thursday night. I already watch/tivo 6.5 hrs on Thursday. Mondays are bad enough w/ 4.5. I need a few nights a week where nothing much is on. I will be watching Terminator, Dollhouse, and BSG on Fridays, but that’s all i can handle 😉

  • Lee Ann

    I love having lots of shows to watch each night so bring it on. And when they are cool, entertaining shows like TSCC, Dollhouse and BSG – even better!

  • For me personally, Friday has already been Thursday one time before, Thursday hasn’t been Thursday for quite some time, and Survivor is the only thing keeping Thursday from becoming Saturday.

    If I remember correctly, there was a brief period of time about two years ago when Moonlight, Men In Trees, Women’s Murder Club, Stargate: SG-1, and Stargate: Atlantis were all on Fridays. So, that’s what I mean by Friday already being my Thursday one time before.

    Ever since I dumped Grey’s Anatomy and Ugly Betty, Survivor has been my only Thursday show. Between seasons of Survivor, I literally have nothing new to watch on Thursdays. It’s odd but also kind of peaceful. It’s my night to pop in a Babylon 5 DVD, catch up on West Wing reruns or anything else stacked up on TiVo, or to just turn the TV off altogether (blasphemy, I know).

    I’m looking forward to the new Friday night. I just hope it doesn’t get too crowded. TiVo is already planning to “clip” Star Wars: The Clone Wars because of the new 3-way conflict. I might have to start manually setting Clone Wars to record on one of its post-Friday encore showings.

  • Josh Emerson

    Not even close for me. I don’t have anything to watch on Friday! I’ll probably check out Dollhouse but that’s it.

  • Ace

    For me, Monday is the new “Thursday” (House, GG, Chuck, HIMYM, Heroes, Medium). All I usually watch on Friday is Psych and I’ll try Dollhouse this week.

  • Michael

    Friday has become cluttered on the DVR. With Clone Wars, BSG, Dollhouse, and the Catherine Tate Show on BBC America.
    More and more people are shying away from going out to eat on Fridays making TV less of an afterthought

  • Disagree 🙂 I would however go so far to say Friday is the “Thursday” of the weekend. I do watch TV on Friday but nothing compared to Mon-Thurs. Some of those nights I watch more in one time slot then I do all of Friday night.

    And your theory only works this year 😉 all of the shows you mentioned won’t be on next year.

  • Kevin J.

    I kind of agree that fridays is the new thursdays! I live for fridays now and that promo got me super-excited! very well put together looks almost quentin tarantinoesque!

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  • Jean

    Todd W in NC:
    Give Supernatural a try on Thurs.