Tonight’s TV Addictions: February 15, 2009

THE SIMPSONS (8PM FOX, GlobalTV in Canada)
Could Homer’s entire life have been different if he had been elected the president of his high school senior class? (I hear John McCain was recently pondering that very same question about his own life!)

FAMILY GUY (9PM FOX, GlobalTV in Canada)
Desperately in love with Joe and Bonnie’s new baby, Stewie struggles to write a love song. ‘Cause you know, crap like “I Just Called To Say I Love You” doesn’t just write itself!

Things I don’t care about that are involved in tonight’s episode: Susan and Mike’s relationship (which lost me when they had one second of happiness and then fell apart off screen thanks to the time-warp); the Scavo’s pizza joint (Please, God, get Lynette back into the world of advertising!); Gaby blackmailing Carlos’ boss (Has her character grown one iota over the years? No. They occasionally show us two seconds worth of growth, then next week, she’s back to her usual obnoxious self). Things I might care about: Tensions rise between Bree, Andrew and Orson (I like that family, even when they’re in boring plots). And here’s something a character and I have in common: Dave is kinda fed up with everyone int he neighborhood being suspicious of him. Me too, Dave. Do something nasty, get killed and let’s be done with this!

AMERICAN DAD (9:30PM FOX, Global in Canada)
Holy cow, Roger has two families! And has for years! You know, I don’t actually care for this show. But then again, I spent years not liking FAMILY GUY, ONE TREE HILL and SUPERNATURAL, all of which are favorites now, so maybe it’s time to give it a second look.

BIG LOVE (9PM HBO, 10PM TMN in Canada)
Things get even more crowded for Bill and his wives thanks to an unexpected arrival, and Roman makes plans for a big comeback.

BROTHERS & SISTERS (10PM ABC, Global in Canada)
Rebecca sets out to find her dad, and it may be just as well she’s out of town, because Tommy is stepping up his plan to oust Holly. Something tells me there will be alcohol consumed at some point.

Arguably one of the better reality shows out there, the race kicks off its 14th edition. But wouldn’t it make more sense for the network to air this after the completion of the latest SURVIVOR? By running them at the same time, we suffer overkill (both just recently wrapped cycles) as opposed to alternating them and giving us time to miss both!

Seriously, SOAPnet? This is what you’re spending your money on?

KING OF THE HILL (8:30PM FOX, Global in Canada)
Hank and his boss are off to the National Propane Convention, where there’s sure to be big trouble thanks to special guest voice Diedrich Bader, who has a shocking connection to one of the men!

I’d have expected more from Val Kilmer and Stephen Dorff, who probably expected more from both their agents and their careers.

UNTAMED & UNCUT (9PM Animal Planet)
This is so not what I thought it was going to be! (But if you were expecting potentially deadly encounters between man and beast, then, um, you’re not only a better person than me, but bound to be thrilled with this show!)

THE L WORD (9PM Showtime)
Despite the fact she misplaced the last one, Jenny lands another movie deal. I want her agent… as do Val Kilmer and Stephen Dorff.

THETVADDICT.COM READER PICK (via Twitter): Memles: When you combine the genius of The Amazing Race with comedian Mike White, it’s like a cocktail of awesome you can’t ignore.

  • the christian bale roast in family guy, godlike 🙂