Tonight’s TV Addictions: February 16, 2009

24 (9PM FOX, GlobalTV in Canada)
Geeez, one would think that on President’s Day of all days, the first family could catch a little bit of a break. Unfortunately this is 24, where tonight, the first family including daughter Olivia (Sprague Grayden) face painful circumstances.

Chuck and Sarah go undercover as a happily married couple in suburbia to solve the biggest mystery of all. Just how exactly does new neighbor Andy Richter score a hot wife like Jenny McCarthy. Damn.

HEROES (9PM NBC, 10PM in Canada)
Proving we’re not the only ones who can’t stand Hiro and Ando, Matt’s prophetic image sends the troublesome twosome to India. ‘Prophetic image’… righttt.

KYLE XY (9PM ABC Family)
Kyle’s job working at Latnok to repay his debt sure sounds like a great idea. Especially when you factor in KYLE XY’s recent cancellation and the fact that Kyle may soon find himself working at In & Out Burger.

HOUSE (8PM FOX, GlobalTV in Canada)
For the reason why we’re not watching tonight’s installment of HOUSE, click here.

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  • Josh C.

    unfortunately I really have to agree with the reasons not to watch house. but, this is also the same problem ailing ugly betty. (insert way betty screw up here), (insert crazy way she hopes to fix it), (insert moral lesson daniel learns), (insert scheming by willie), (insert heartfelt moment with the suarez family). I love ugly betty dont get me wrong. but it’s kind of a snore fest lately. Maybe nearly getting cancelled will be able to give this show so much needed life.

  • I stopped watching earlier in the season, but I’m guessing that once an episode, Wilhelmina tries some scheme to wrestle away power of Mode, enlists Mark, Mark does her bidding, Willy mistreats Mark in the process, Mark considers mutiny but instead secretly helps Betty and/or sabotages Willy, and in the end Willy apologizes and Mark stays with her.

    I’m guessing that despite all the lessons “learned” in previous episode, Daniel hooks up with some shallow woman, gets burned by it, and learns some new lesson after inadvertently mistreating and/or underestimating Betty.

    As awkward as the transition into the storyline was, I actually felt like Daniel getting a son and his own magazine were good directions for his character. Of course, his magazine was a slacker caricature of a real magazine, he secretly missed Mode and got it back, and then he lost his son which wasn’t really his. Reset button.

  • Jackie74

    I’m done with House! This is so right! The structure of the show is always the same (it’ s procedural, I know!) but in House more than CSI or NCIS that procedural is really stalling! The brilliant idea of getting 3 new duckling to House was REALLY A BAD IDEA INDEED and now we have those 3 characters that most of poeple hate and the other 3 who are in a limbo, TPTB haven’t a clue of what doingof them! House and Cuddy are so juvenile that are almost embarassing for people of their age! My point is: where’s the show I once love and wait for all the week?

  • I’m guessing I’m going to be in the minority here, but I think House has been twice as good since they brought on Taub, Kutner, and 13, starting with the competition in which House gradually narrowed down 30 docs to 3.

    Granted, they haven’t focused much on Kutner’s personal life, but he’s a geek, which is something I can relate too. They’ve explored Taub’s life & personality without making him a significant distraction from the medicine or House’s antics. And, 13 has become the 2nd most interesting person on the show, next to House. And, from the original three asst. doctors, they still kept Foreman (the most interesting of those three), and Chase & Cameron are better in small doses anyway. And, then there was the whole Amber/Wilson storyline last season (which felt a little weird at first but ending well).

    If anything, I think it’s the medical stuff that has gotten mundane. The character stuff and cast shake-up have been thoroughly enjoyable for me.

  • Cookie

    Jenny McCarthy did not play Andy Richter’s wife.