Your TV Quotes of the Week

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  • Linda B.

    Yeah my Lost one was picked!

    And, I’m so happy the 24 one was picked too. Awesome line!

  • Josh C.

    I really wish there would have been time to include the song stewie wrote last night about the chords on the guitar and walking outside lol

  • Josh C,

    If we’re talking last night’s FAMILY GUY I definitely would have included my two favorites lines:

    Peter: “I’m gonna turn on the TV to Two and a Half Men, and if your baby isn’t totally brain-dead, it’ll come rushing out to change the channel.”

    Carter Pewterschmidt to Bill Gates at his party: “Hey Bill, will you help program my Zune. Oh wait… Ihave an iPod like the rest of the world.”

  • Adam R

    I love all three of these shows!! 24 and Lost never get picked! I really hope though that BSG gets some love before the last episode.

  • Josh C.

    those lines would also be acceptable 🙂