Tonight’s TV Addictions: February 17, 2009

The first 12 perform. Is it just me, or is this cycle already feeling long?

NCIS (8PM CBS, Global in Canada)
It’s like Freaky Friday when a case from Tony’s past has him and Gibbs changing roles. Okay, it’s probably not at all like the great Jodie Foster flick (do not get me started on the Lindsay Lohan remake!), but wouldn’t it be cool if it was?

Weight loss is an uphill battle. Tonight, that is literally true as the contestants climb a hill to find keys to the gym. Tell you what… if I climbed a hill and was rewarded with a workout, I’d be annoyed.

SCRUBS (8PM ABC, CityTV in Canada)
Remember a few weeks back when I speculated that ABC was burning through their episodes way too quickly? Well, guess what… two episodes tonight, both repeats.

A country-club member is poisoned. Now if this weren’t a show that revolves around murders, I’d totally suspect it was bad cream cheese, but that’s probably not true in this case.

Proving the whole “waste not, want not” thing, contestants have to use every part of an organic pig in order to make delicious dishes. Can’t wait to see what they do with the tail.

LAW & ORDER: SVU (10PM NBC, CTV in Canada)
Strippers and dead guys and transgender teens… come on, what more do you want?

How these guys avoid sexual harassment suits is beyond me. Tonight, Sean makes a play for the new anesthesiologist. On the one hand, who can blame him, seeing as she’s played by BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s Kattee Sackhoff. On the other, her name is Teddy, and we’d think that would just leave him flashing back to those human stuffed bears his crazy agent specialized in!

A self-defense class can’t prevent a mother and her son from going missing. Personally, I’d demand a refund.

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  • Ace

    Remember when February was a sweeps month and there was good TV on instead of repeats? Yeah, that was good times. And what do we have to blame for the desolate TV wasteland that is now February? The DTV switch that is now not happening until JUNE! Arrgh! [I seem to have gone back to my rant against the DTV switch…] I guess at least we have March to look forward to.

  • blueberry


    It’s not just you– this season of American Idol is very meh. After they dropped Joanna Pacitti, I think I’m going to drop Idol. But then again, I still watch Heroes after horrible episode after horrible episode.

  • bws

    No Fringe, No Privileged, No Scrubs…. Hello? Is anyone out there? The Scrubs pattern is completely arbitrary at this point.

  • Ace

    bws — I was particularly upset about Privileged b/c I thought we had two episodes left, now we must only have one… 🙁

  • bws, Ace, I’m fairly certain the CW is holding back on 90210 and PRIVILEGED tonight because nobody wants to go against the juggernaut that is a very special two hour AMERICAN IDOL spectacular.

  • Linda B.

    I’m actually glad nothings really on tonite. I need a night to play catchup bad! Here’s what’s still on my Tivo:

    Fringe (2)
    Desperate Housewives (2)
    24 (2)
    My Name is Earl
    30 Rock
    Chuck (2)

  • bws

    WHAT IS CW DOING WITH PRIVILEGED?? Sorry for yelling. I guess they’re cutting it short now? I know Reaper takes its spot when it’s done but now it seems that Privileged may be on the chopping block. NOT GOOD.

    I do not want to hear about any AI juggernauts. Those jerks have now decided to squash LOST (greatest show EVER (TM)) with their results shows on Wednesdays. Which means we will be inundated with 47 articles about how LOST is losing more viewers each week to stupid crappy singers.

    Yes, I’m bitter.

    And yes, I do have some catching up tonight… Heroes, 24, Tara, Eastbound, and Chuck. Wife willing, I’ll hit ’em all!

  • Ace

    If it helps Privileged get a second season, then I’m all for holding back the episodes. I mean, what else does the CW have?? GG’s ratings are in the tank and Smallville/Supernatural have been on for a while, so they need to build new programing.

    bws — I for one will be right there with you watching LOST. I watched AI last year b/c of the writers strike, but I’m back to watching normal TV. When everything else is in repeats, I’ll do what you and Linda are doing…clearing out my DVR. I’ve started watching Bones on DVR and I have quite a backlog!

  • bws

    Whoa Ace, keeping comments rolling into the second day? Bold.

    I’m really surprised that CW isn’t backing Privileged more. Smallville is in its 8th season, Weller hasn’t signed on for 9 yet. They just don’t have that much original programming to gather an audience. I doubt they can expect much higher ratings. Maybe it has to do with how expensive the show is to shoot? I have no clue.

    I got through Heroes and Chuck only last night. Oh well.

  • Ace

    Well, I didn’t see your comment until this morning and bold is how I roll.

    And what is the CW planning to replace the cute and original Privileged with? A reboot of Melrose which was a spinoff of 90210… I just don’t think we need a reboot of a spinoff. If that is what TV is coming too, I’m out.

    I got through Heroes, Dollhouse and part of Psych, so it ended up being productive :-P.

  • bws

    I know that when Privileged ends its run this season ( I hear two episodes earlier than originally planned) the CW will be airing Reaper in the same time slot through May. I can’t remember how many episodes Reaper shot.

  • Ace

    At least that is some consolation. I do like Reaper. Although, IMDB only listing 4 episodes so far does not give me the warm fuzzies about its future. It just seems like networks don’t even try to save shows anymore. I’m looking at you, ABC.