AMERICAN IDOL Recap: We’re Not Buying

american idol semi-finalists

Full disclosure. The TV Addict is no Michael Slezak. We have not been paying that much attention to AMERICAN IDOL this season and quite honestly only jump on the bandwagon once the contestants are whittled down to 36. We’re not about to write 3000 words on why Ricky Braddy is this year’s Jason Castro and we’re certainly not a savvy enough student of IDOL to remember, as Slezak did that Braddy made what some might call a questionable decision to choose a song that “IDOL graduate Elliot Yamin so thoroughly owned back in season 5.”

In fact, all we do know, as evidence by an iPhone filled with last season’s IDOL performances, is that we put our money where our mouth is. And following last night’s two hour AMERICAN IDOL train-wreck of epic Sanjaya proportions, we’d like to thank the twelve semi-finalists for saving us a few dollars in these uncertain economic times.

100,000 auditions later and this is the best 12 they could come up with? Seriously. You know you’ve got problems when the only thing getting us through the two hours were random cuts to audience reaction from our favorite sitcom star… wait for it… Neil Patrick Harris!

But back to business. If we’ve learned anything from our insatiable appetite for everything pop culture, it’s that America loves an underdog. Which is why we’re picking the following three performers to survive tonight’s IDOL results show.

David Gokey
Even though we’re fairly confident that all that banging on the table was more a reflection of the fact that the judges knew last night’s show had finally come to a close, there is no denying the fact that Gokey was the best of an incredibly disappointing bunch. Plus, he’s a widower, which gets him the sympathy vote and a free pass to the finals.

Anoop Desai
Not only are we in complete agreement with Simon that Anoop is off the charts when it comes to the likability factor, thanks to Slumdog Millionaire, there’s no denying the fact that India is in. Sorry Sanjaya, too soon.

Alexis Grace
Single mom with a heart of gold.

  • TVFan

    You neglected another factor for Anoop’s success. I really like saying “Anoop Dawg”

  • kriket

    I hate everyone looking for the “next” Jason Castro. Won’t happen with this years format and over the top pimping of Gokey and others. Sorry the talent pool is rather shallow unless you like vocal gymnasts which I do not. There are a few others besides Braddy with limited airtime (Kai Kalama) that I am looking forward to hearing. Unfortunately won’t do any good because of the format. AI has officially met and jumped the proverbial shark Ciao

  • Forrester

    My main problem is with the songs. Gah! It’s the same old karaoke songs year after year. I’m pretty sure the singers are given a list of hokey songs to choose from and then they are trashed for having no musical taste. Why can’t FOX spend a little dough and buy the rights to air some better songs? Was there even one song last night that was new? I’m not expecting a current hit song. I’d just like to hear something that hasn’t already been on AI ad nauseum.

  • J

    last night they could have sang ANY song that topped the billboard charts. ANY. believe me, they put the money into getting the rights. hence the two beatles weeks last year. performing the beatles anywhere let alone on a live broadcast is hard. and expensive. there were some newer tunes, with Brent Keith, and Michael Sarver performing songs from within the last 5 years, and Stevie Wright singing a song on the charts right now. they let A LOT of good talent slip away during hollywood week, and chose more character types, like tatyana, and nick, which was a bad call. the three named were really the only standouts at all from last nights group, but i think we might just see tatyana slip in there. it at least sounded like she was singing for most of her performance, which was a one up on a lot of those kids. wait for adam lambart. he will have you on your feet in front of your tv. he knows how to pick an interesting song too.

  • Laura

    I definitely expected Anoop to win out over Michael Sarver. Not only did Michael put out a pretty average performance of one of the most over-sung songs to ever see an Idol stage, but Anoop makes a point to tell America that he really wants to sing songs that he wishes other contestants would’ve sung in past years (and he still manages to keep his R&B soul). AKA, Anoop wants to sing songs that haven’t been sung a million times on AI just because someone likes that song. Anoop knows how to pick a song…I think the only thing that may have put Sarver over him was that Sarver’s song was probably more familiar to the average AI viewer. Noop-Dawg for the Wild Card!

  • DaisyKary

    I got goosebumps listening to ANOOP!! He is amazing!! He should get a wildcard slot! ANOOOOOOOOOOP!!!

  • Simon Cowell is soooo bad, still funny to watch him take people down though