Good News, Bad News: DOLLHOUSE, Tracy Morgan & The Paley Festival 2009

Good News: DOLLHOUSE finally finds its audience. Bad News: On iTunes, where it tops the charts ahead of such big name shows such as BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, LOST and THE SUITE LIFE ON DECK (As we scratch our head and wonder, Zack and Cody? WTF!) [Source]

Good News: 30 ROCK star Tracy Morgan makes headlines that don’t involve the letters “D,” “U,” and “I” Bad News: The headline reads, “Breaking News: Tracy Morgan’s Apartment Catches Fire.” [Source]

Good News: The 2009 Paley Festival features an incredible lineup of shows including 90210, TRUE BLOOD, DR. HORRIBLE’S SING-ALONG BLOG, DOLLHOUSE, THE BIG BANG THEORY, THE MENTALIST, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, PUSHING DAISIES, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA/CAPRICA, THE HILLS, BIG LOVE, FRINGE and SWINGTOWN. Bad News: This TV Addict doesn’t own a private jet or live in Los Angeles. [Source]

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  • Josh Emerson

    Gahh, I would kill to go to the Pushing Daisies one. They’re gonna show the final unaired episodes!

  • Josh,

    The correct answer is, “I would kill to go to the PUSHING DAISIES one, but only if I had Ned’s ability to bring the person back to life right after.”

  • Ace

    TVaddict, but then you would kill someone else…

    I wish they would go ahead and put them on DVD so we can watch them!

  • Ace,

    Fine, if you’re goint to nitpick, here’s my idea. You’d end up killing someone else… who just so happened to be a crazed serial killer. So it really is a win-win!

  • NikkiHolly

    the hills? is there another hills that doesn’t involve Lauren Conrad that i’m not aware of?

  • Josh C.

    I’m just gonna say it. No matter how much Seth McFarlane tells everyone how professional and dedicated lauren conrad is i will NEVER take her seriously.

  • Ace

    TVAddict — How about we just take out the jerks who canned our beloved show instead??

  • Lee Ann

    I consider myself fortunate to live in LA and will be attending a number of these panels as long as I can get my hands on tickets, which aren’t the easiest things to get even when you ARE a member of the Paley Center, which I’ve been for years.

  • Kat

    LOVE Tracy Morgan! Even his apartment burning is funny to me.

    But seriously, what is this crazy fireproof fish and this waterproof fire?? And other questions: