Tonight’s TV Addictions: February 18, 2009

Just for fun, pause your DVR (or PVR in Canada) at the exact moment nine Idols hopefuls get their dream crushed in front of thirty million viewers. It’s reality TV at its best!

LOST (9PM ABC, “A” in Canada)
The Oceanic 6 discover how they’ll be able to return to the island. Fingers crossed that it’s easier to follow than Anders’ explanation to the final five Cylons on last week’s BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Because we’ve watched the episode twice already and still have yet to wrap our head around what happened!

LIE TO ME (9PM FOX, GlobalTV in Canada)
A groom is shot at his wedding. Which hopefully will teach people to stop asking if anyone objects… we’re just sayin’ you’re pretty much asking for trouble.

When a man who ran a construction scam is found dead in a roofless home, the detectives interview his hoodwinked customers to find suspects. Ummm… Mr. Crews, yes we’ve had a few bad home reno experiences as of late, especially since OUR contractor has yet to email us a quote as PROMISED to help fix our LEAKY BASEMENT… but we swear, we didn’t do it.

MAN vs. FOOD (10PM Travel)
If the creators of MAN vs. FOOD seriously expect us to be impressed by “The Hosts” attempt to finish an extremely spicy ramen made with 10 different chilies they’ve got another thing coming. Call us when “The Host” eats broccoli. Ewwwww

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  • bws


    Also, watch Top Chef. I’m not as super enthusiastic about this group as I have been in seasons past but we’re getting down to the very end now.

  • Cory

    an easier to digest version of The Story Of The Final 5

  • Thanks Cory

  • And let’s hope that the revelations on Lost unravel in a more organic, visual style rather than the buckets-of-exposition infodump we got from Anders this past Friday.

    It was cool getting to learn a lot in a short amount of time, but “No Exit” still had the feel of writers feeling rushed with less than half a dozen eps to go and racing to tie up loose ends now that they’ve gotten the scorched Earth reveal and senseless suicides out of the way. I got the impression someone over at BSG never fully learned the rule, “Show. Don’t tell.”

    At least what we learned between Ellen and Cavill was conversational. With Anders it was just a rushed and occasionally interrupted monologue.

  • Patty

    …I love broccoli but brussel sprouts are just vomit inducing.

  • Tarn

    I’m really enjoying ‘Lie To Me’. Ok, it’s yet another formula, with a different selling point – but Tim Roth is just so damn watchable!
    Maybe they’re hoping to capture some of the ‘House’ audience, because they’re essentially doing the same thing, i.e; beefing up a formula with a really good lead actor.