Dear TV Addict, as much as I loved last week’s mythology-laden episode BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, please tell me tonight’s episode involves a lot less thinking? — TighMeUp
The TV Addict:
Is it just me, or are TV fans incredibly hard to please? I mean we all spend season after season clamoring for answers, only to complain the moment we finally get them! God help LOSTerminds Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse when they finally fill us all in on the mysteries behind the island, the four-toed statue, Ben’s mom, Claire’s disappearance, Jack’s father… well, you get the idea. But to answer your question, rest assured tonight’s episode is far less taxing on the brain cells. Not only does Ellen Tigh return in all her former glory, she gives new meaning to the phrase, “If this Viper is a rockin’…. don’t come a knockin!”

I have an unhealthy obsession with Jonathan Jackson, can you please tell me we are going to see more of him on TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES. — Jackson1
The TV Addict:
I can do one better than simply tell you, I can be the first to reveal to you exclusively that Jonathan Jackson will indeed (all together now) be back, for multiple episodes no less. “Kyle Reese is the kind of character that fans are excited about and is good for the show,” revealed Jackson during last week’s one-on-one with “I’ve shot three episodes so far and I’m about to shoot a fourth in a couple of weeks. A lot of stuff has been in the future, and Brian Austin Green who plays Derek has been great. Such a good guy and a great actor to work with.”

A while back you twittered that you were getting ready to see Lauren Graham in GUYS & DOLLS on Broadway. So… how was she? — StarsHollowHolla
The TV Addict:
Well let’s put it this way. Had Rory Gilmore been reviewing the show for the Yale Daily News, she definitely wouldn’t have walked out. In fact, she would have been immensely proud of her fictional TV mom for not only proving that she has the pipes to belong on Broadway. But for more importantly showing that she can actually act and create a character that was hilarious, heartwarming and best of all, absolutely nothing like Lorelai Gilmore. Miss Patty would have been proud… and we’re just going to say, possibly a little jealous.

Got any scoop on Tuesday’s season finale of PRIVILEGED? — Sagetastic13
The TV Addict:
Would you settle for a warning? Because if you can’t find the time to rope in at minimum five of your friends into watching one of the season’s most underrated new shows, you’re more likely to catch what will turn out to be the show’s series finale. For more on PRIVILEGED, be sure to check out this week’s month’s TV Addict podcast for our spur-of-the-moment SAVE PRIVILEGED campaign!

Any word on how the new season of REAPER is shaping up? — IHeartHarrison
The TV Addict:
I will next week after I take the time to crack open the REAPER screener that’s been collecting dust on my desk for the better part of a month now. Stay tuned.

Please tell me tonight’s installment of DOLLHOUSE brings a little more excitement to the table? Because even I, the most ardent of ardent Whedon supporters found last week’s pilot seriously subpar. — WildaboutWhedon
The TV Addict:
First of all, do you seriously expect me to believe you’re one of Whedon’s most ardent of ardent supporters when you’re already waving after episode one. Shame one you! That said, you’ll be pleased to know that tonight’s second episode introduces us to an entirely different Echo. One that must outwit, outplay and outlast one ridiculously deranged “client.” Oh, and if that’s not enough of an assurance, how’s this picture? Eliza + Crossbow = Awesome

eliza dushku

Ellen Tigh returning to Galactica? Are you Frakkin’ kidding me with this? Where’s the scoop? Anyone could have picked that up from the Frakkin’ trailer? What else ya got? — TotallyFrakkedinTdot
The TV Addict:
Putting aside the fact that somebody clearly woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or is taking the fact that we’re a mere month away from Galactica’s final voyage a little too hard, how’s this for genuine TV scoop: Another death hits Galactica tonight, one that will have major implications for the already tenuous human/cylon alliance.

Oh and while we’re on the subject of your cranky moods Mr. TotallyFrakkedinTdot, I should probably take this opportunity to mention that has some exciting BATTLESTAR GALACTICA news in the works that is pretty much guaranteed to turn that frown upside-down. Unless of course you live outside of Toronto or the surrounding GTA. Then you’re pretty much still totally Frakked!

I’m finding myself more and more intrigued by the increasingly frequent KINGS trailers that NBC is putting out. What can you tell me about this new series? — Jess
The TV Addict:
Having recently had the pleasure of visiting the set of KINGS there is an awful lot I could tell you. Unfortunately, after signing a twenty page document that may or may not have promised my first born to NBC Universal should I share any spoilers, here’s what I can say. While you’ll initially tune in for Ian McShane’s phenomenal portrayal of morally ambiguous King Silas Benjamin, you’ll stick around for easy on the eyes Aussie import Christopher Egan who plays young David Shepherd and Leighton Meester’s real-life boyfriend Sebastian Stan who does a remarkable job of channeling GOSSIP GIRL’s Ed Westwick. Which if you think about it, kind of means that Leighton Meester really does have a thing for Chuck Bass. Interesting.

Want more KINGS scoop? Enjoy this exclusive bloggers Q&A that TV Addict took part in on our recent visit to New York City. And be sure to check back later in the day for a word or two from Ian McShane.

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