Post Your Favorite TV Quotes of the Week

It’s Friday and if you’re a frequent visitor to — you know what that means! Time to post your FAVORITE TV QUOTES OF THE WEEK! New to No idea what I’m talking about? Simply post your favorite quotes of the week in the comments below and check back Sunday to see the winners. Odds are they’ll look something like this.

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  • Sigurd

    Family Guy
    Peter: I didn’t look when Lois gave birth and I don’t want to look now. Just tell me what it looks like.
    Cleveland: You ever see a horse blink its eye?

  • Sigurd

    Worst Week
    Sam: Your water broke? Quick, everybody, I need some hot towels, ice chips and a flashlight.

  • Coop

    Jack: How can you read?
    Ben: My mother taught me.

  • Ace


    Frank J. Lapidus: Wait a second, we’re not going to Guam, are we?

  • ct

    “He may just be seducing me with his pretty country ways, but, uh, I’m smitten!” Stephen of JT, Survivor

  • iluhcoh

    The Real Housewives if NY-

    LuAnn: The Countess does not drink beer out of a bottle.

  • Linda B.

    Coop took mine! 🙁

  • tw111

    Lost’s Ben:
    ‘ I didn’t account for traffic, Jack….’

  • Silly

    Sylar:”I am not a serial killer —- well technically I am a serial killer”

  • Stephanie

    Just to complete Sylar’s great line…

    Sylar: “I’m not a serial killer.”
    Luke: “Well, you’ve got a pattern, you go after specific victims, you collect mementos…”
    Sylar: “Okay, technically I’m a serial killer.”

  • ok i forget that little green alien dude’s name that always hangs with the captain attracted to Leela on Futurama but he quotes,

    “Ugh, his voice is like ear sand paper”

    on the episode “Into The Wild Green Yonder”

  • Linda B.


    President Roslin: “Where are you going?”

    Adama: “I’m going to go to the head…do something constructive. I’ve got a little project I’ve been working on.”

  • Mel

    On Dollhouse — sorry don’t remember the names of the characters yet — geeky guy who does the personality implants is monitoring Echo’s vital signs, her handler is complaining about reception in his surveilance van
    Geeky guy: You’re out in the middle of ‘why would anyone go there’, and you’re expecting digital HBO?

    OK, sorry — I probably screwed up the line — but it was pretty funny. Made me think that Joss really is back . . .