Will Octomom Kill TV News as We Know It?

Thanks to Nadya Suleman, TV news divisions across the country are faced with an interesting quandary: How do you cover Octomom without ticking off viewers? Obviously, the name of the (purportedly) human baby factory is on everyone’s lips… but the one thing practically everyone seems to agree on is that they don’t want to see her get a dime she doesn’t deserve. (Or a nickel, for that matter. Pennies are OK.) Several networks have publicly said that they would not pay Suleman for an interview, yet we’re willing to bet that sooner or later, someone — whether at one of the major nets or a smaller, hungrier outlet — will fork over big bucks for an “A Day in the Life” type story. How will viewers react? While we suspect millions would tune in, any outfit paying for a Suleman story would no doubt face widespread outrage — and worse. Our friends at howrudeareyou.com recently received a comment from one visitor who is trying to organize a boycott of any network willing to pay up Suleman for a sitdown. And while we suspect the American people wouldn’t be outraged enough to — gasp! — give up their favorite shows, a news division could wind up taking a major hit to its reputation.

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  • Ace

    I actually had this conversation with my father just a few days ago. I know there have been times in the past when I have thought the media has crossed a line, but this is just insane. Clearly this woman has issues and yet media outlets are cattering to her… The whole thing is just so strange.

    The only thing I know for sure about this whole matter is that whoever performed the artificial incemination for the octuplets at the very least should lose their medical license. Talk about gross negligence. I don’t think they should have to find out everything about you, but at the very least a doctor should have to ask how many children you already have and what your support system is like…

  • tw111

    I just… want.. to… slap her. And I’m a mom.
    Close that clinic, next. And don’t give the hospital any more publicity.
    What anyone should be worrying about re this sad situation is the six children she already has toddling around without an actual mother or any parenting.

  • Amelia

    idk she rarely crosses my mind. she doesn’t make me angry or upset. she may have a screw loose or two but i feel more worried about her kids than i am angry that she’s taking advantage of the system.

    i hope that her kids are ok.