Good News: Universal Pictures is planning to turn the TV series BATTLESTAR GALACTICA into a feature film. Bad News: The film will be based upon the unwatchable 70’s version of the series rather than Ronald D. Moore’s re-imagined classic. [Source]

Good News: In an effort to save money, FRINGE is moving to Canada. Bad News: Vancouver is even further away from the TV Addict’s home base of Toronto than New York is. [Source]

Good News: According to the latest Nielsen survey, Americans are watching more TV than ever. Bad News: If Friday’s ratings are any indication, ‘more TV than ever’ does not include the likes of quality scripted fare such as FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES and DOLLHOUSE. [Source]

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  • Silly

    I have another Good and Bad News for you

    The German Network who airs Pushing Daisies will air the final 3 Episodes that ABC didnt air
    Bad News: a) I hate german synch b) you guys still cant see it

  • Josh Emerson

    It’s too bad German TV dubs the shows rather than subtitling them. I’m sure they’d show up on torrents if they were in English. 🙁

    It just sucks. ABC could easily find a spot to burn off the episodes and they know it. Scrubs repeats are lucky to get 2-3 million, while Grey’s repeats get under 2. Show Daisies and Eli Stone instead!

  • Plus considering the pilot was shot in Toronto, that would now mean there are THREE Fringe sets that have existed if they go through with it. Seriously, that saves money? (They should just come back to Toronto!)

    Oh, and India is currently showing the last 3 eps of Pushing Daisies (in native English). In fact, they only have the finale to air now.

  • bws

    Are there any shows that currently shoot in Toronto? I know Reaper was in Vancouver but I don’t know about Toronto.

  • Shows currently shooting in Toronto that air in the US, off the top of my head (Feel free to add in any that I’ve likely forgotten!)

    THE BRIDGE (Aaron Douglas series upcoming on both CTV/CBS)

  • Ace

    Just as long as Fringe comes back, I don’t care where they film it!

  • Nick.C

    crap!…I won’t watch anything filmed in Canada….:)