Tonight’s TV Addictions: February 23, 2009

Jeff and Lester arrive on the scene to pester Ellie into hiring their musical group Jeffster! for her upcoming wedding. Scrantonicity, watch your back.

HOUSE (8PM FOX, Global in Canada)
At this point, we’re not sure what is weirding us out more. The fact that House is being inexplicably nice to his co-workers, or that PRIVATE PRACTICE just did a hermaphrodite-centric story line four days ago!

HEROES (9PM NBC, 10PM on Global in Canada)
What’s this? An interesting story for Greg Grunberg… Well, it certainly took them long enough! Tonight’s installment features Matt as he interrogates a captured Noah to find out how he began working with Nathan to abduct those with abilities.

FYI: Don’t let the words “Directed by Chad Michael Murray” scare you away from tonight’s repeat. It’s when you see “Written by Chad Michael Murray” that you should be afraid… be very afraid.

Allow us to save you the trouble of sitting through E!’s Annual post-Oscar installment of FASHION POLICE. Ready? Fashion Do, Fashion Don’t!

The host visits classic New York City Restaurants that are stuggling in the city’s changing landscape. Umm… here’s an idea, don’t charge me 25 bucks for a mediocre entree.

  • luke

    Tvaddict…Are you watching Heroes again? If you are, what changed your mind?

  • Luke,

    I’m returning to HEROES for two reasons.

    1) To support ALIENS IN AMERICA alum Dan Byrd

    2) Because Bryan Fuller’s back.

    That’s not to say I’m enjoying it yet, but I’m cautiously optimistic.

  • luke

    I tried to watch last Monday and I had to turn the channel because of Clair’s horrible wig.

  • Josh Emerson

    Chuck and Heroes for me! The DVR will take care of Secret Life of the American Teenager and maybe Kyle XY since it’s almost over.

    “Secret Life” is such a guilty pleasure. The characters on there annoy me multiple times every week, but for some reason I still wanna watch. I just scream at the TV when doing it. lol

  • Dan Byrd is from Aliens in America! I thought he looked familiar. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Claire’s hair does look weird. Doesn’t her real-life hair look long & blond enough that they really shouldn’t need to put a wig on her? I don’t get it.

  • Silly

    omg that episode of one tree hill was the worst I have ever seen
    why do they repeat this crap if even the hardcore fans didnt like that?

    Anyways good for you to stay tuned on heroes .. even if its just for the bryan fuller return from episode 20 on
    but I only heard good things about tonights episode
    I wish everyone that it doesnt disappoint

  • Josh C.

    I’m sorry. Despite the fact that Tilda Swinton is a talented actress, she should never ever be invited to an awards show ever again. After her golem like appearance last year I didn’t think it was possible to sink lower. I thought wrong

  • Hil

    Maybe they could have the talented yet not-pretty-enough-for-some-people ones (in contrast to the pretty ones who shouldn’t be there at all) enter through the back door or something. It could be right next to where the awards are so they can just pick theirs up right there before they take their seat in the back and don’t even have to go on stage.

  • Josh C.

    in addition I’m currently watching heroes. This is a spectacular episode

  • Adam R

    The latest episode of Heroes was fantastic until the last 30seconds. Noah is still the best character on the show but I REALLY hate it when Heroes “paints the future”! The last 30seconds with Matt painting again was completely stupid and is an overused plot device that is driving me insane!

  • Silly

    Hold on
    Again no How I met your Mother Episode?