A TV Addict How-To: Be a Hugely Successful Television Reporter

If yesterday’s “GREY’S ANATOMY Shocker” courtesy of EW’s super-scooper Michael Ausiello taught this TV Addict anything, it’s that on a slow news day, there is apparently nothing wrong with just making stuff up.

Which is why, as a public service to anyone looking to be the next Michael Ausiello, Kristin Dos Santos, Korbi Gosh and/or Matt (really, what happened to the Webb?) Mitovich, we at theTVaddict.com thought now would be as good a time as any to fill you all in on how it works.

Step #1: Find a logline (that’s industry speak for an episode description) for an upcoming episode of your favorite show. Preferably one with a passionate and vocal internet fan base such as SUPERNATURAL, SMALLVILLE and/or GREY’S ANATOMY.

Step #2: Parse out a sentence, phrase or detail from the episode description that will be sure to send fans in a tizzy. No need to bother with silly things such as context or you know, what actually happens in the story-line.

Step #3: Write it up, press ‘post’ and watch your competition embarrassingly scramble to put together their own version of the exact same non-story. (see here and here).

Yup, it’s that easy! Don’t believe us? Check out our Exclusive! Breaking! TV Scoop that you simply have to see with your own eyes to believe… after the jump:

SUPERNATURAL Shocker: Sam and Dean Quit!?

Either SUPERNATURAL showrunner Eric Kripke is getting sloppy or he’s trying to put me out of a job!

In a just-released logline for SUPERNATURAL’s March 12 episode, the CW reveals a doozy of a spoiler. “Sam and Dean Head into the Spiritual world!”

Now, the chances of Sam and Dean, the two and for that matter only leads of the hit CW show actually being killed off in the same episode no less, is pretty slim (For the record, a SUPERNATURAL insider did not ensure me that this is Jared Padeleekci and/or Jensen Ackles last show). But hey, I think at the very least we can all agree that it certainly makes for one helluva headline on a somewhat slow news day? Sound off below!

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  • Mario

    Hilarious 😀
    and spot on.

  • bws

    BOOM. Roasted.

  • Ace

    I have to agree that the Grey’s spoiler was ridiculous. Anyone who watched last week’s episode had to see that coming from a mile away. It would be like saying, next week on Ugly Betty, Betty will do something insanely stupid but save the day at the last moment and yet learn NOTHING from the experience.

  • bws

    Ace, the journey of Betty Suarez is perhaps my number 1 pet peeve of any television show. How has she learned NOTHING after this long? GAH!

  • Ace

    I have no idea, bws. If anything she seems to be getting less mature. Perhaps we just haven’t been let in on the fact that she is pulling a Benjamin Button but with maturity instead of age.

  • Gatuna

    HA HA, nice one!! I loved your steps, I think I will follow them.

  • tcaddictisatool

    you just wish you were as good as them. this just shows how jealous you are. you’re a sad, sad man

  • TVFan

    Very funny and thanks for the tip!

  • patty

    For the record, I never go into a “tizzy.” I simply get overly and embarrassingly excited about non-news whenever it is related to my favorite show 🙂

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