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Between playing numerous variations of “Six” on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, the hard-nosed handler of former agent Michael Westen on BURN NOTICE and an upcoming stint as the mysterious Agent Alex Ford on NBC’s action-comedy hybrid CHUCK, model-turned-actress Tricia Helfer may in fact be the busiest woman in show business.

Which is why this TV Addict was thrilled that she was kind enough to press pause on her busy schedule and take the time to talk to various members of the media about what the future holds for some of the most exciting characters to grace the small screen in recent memory.

On what fans can expect from the last two episodes of BURN NOTICE:
Tricia Helfer:
It’s kind of hard without giving too much away. I will say I’m really excited to see the last episode. There’s a great stunt at the end that I’m just so excited to see. It’s not even my stunt, but I’m really excited to see it and I think it’s going to be a great finale. It really comes to a culmination point and Carla has kind of had it with Michael Westen and she realizes he’s just basically run her around in circles after she’s put some trust into him that he’s going to find the bomber and help give her the name, which essentially is a rogue agent, but she knows it is, and he disappoints her, so it comes to a culmination.

On whether or not she’ll be involved with season three of BURN NOTICE:
Tricia Helfer:
I’m not on board for next season. As I like to say, I was the baddie of the second season, so yes, my last two episodes are this week and the finale, March 5th.

On shooting the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA series finale:
Tricia Helfer:
Shooting the last episode is intense, not only do emotions run really high because obviously this is the last time you’re working with a lot of these people and you become like family over five years, but it’s also very intense because last episodes tend to come in very long.  I think we had a four hour script in a two hour time frame to shoot that we were maybe given a couple of extra days.  So we really shot incredibly long hours and everybody was kind of like zombies at the end of it.  So it’s intense, emotions are really high, but it’s also a wonderful feeling, it’s a great feeling of accomplishment and camaraderie, too. 

On the culmination of Number Six’s relationship with Baltar:
Tricia Helfer:
For the first time I find out after five years of filming what that relationship is, so there will be a conclusion by the finale.

On the possibility of “Six” appearing in a potential BATTLESTAR GALACTICA spin-off:
Tricia Helfer:
You know, I’ve never really thought about that.  Without giving away the finale, I guess there sort of could be.  It’s definitely a closing in one respect, but now that you mentioned it, there could possibly be a spin-off.  I don’t expect there to be.  I really don’t expect there to be and I don’t think that’s their intention, but I guess you can never say never in this business. 

Tricia Helfer on Breaking out of the Cylon mold:
Tricia Helfer:
I think people within the business really respect Battlestar. If they’re fans of the show, if they watch the show, they’ve also seen that the Cylons aren’t just cold robotic creatures like maybe a Terminator. It’s not your typical robot. It’s much more like Blade Runner and the Replicants and things like that. So they have a lot more emotion and they’re a lot more human than—I think it would be harder if you were playing much more of a robotic creature than people might think, that you might not be able to do other type of roles. So I’m really not worried about it.

On her upcoming guest appearance on CHUCK:
Tricia Helfer:
My character (Agent Alex Forrest) is alive at the end of the episode and she could always come back, but I don’t expect to come back, certainly not on a regular basis, but I’d certainly sign to coming on again and shaking things up. I think she may have a little thing for Casey at the end of the episode, so if she comes back, it would be fun to come back and explore that because Casey doesn’t get very much action.

On her mystery pilot that’s in development:
Tricia Helfer:
I’m right in the middle of pilot season right now.  It’s my first year in five years of being available because of Battlestar now being finished.  I got Battlestar in my first year of acting, so definitely being on a show, it’s amazing to be on a show, you want to be on a show, but it also limits what you can do with your hiatus when you’re shooting 22 episodes a year of a show.  Now is really the first pilot season and I’m actually in negotiations right now with a pilot that I’m quite excited about, but it’s a little too early to stake my claim on it yet until everyone has signed on the dotted line.  But yes, I’m looking, as one of the callers earlier asked about varying roles and I’m definitely looking for my next project to be something that’s a little bit different.  First off, I’ll be playing a human and not a spy.  But yes, I’ll be looking for something that varies the roles up. 

Don’t miss Tricia Helfer on BURN NOTICE (10PM Thursdays on USA Network), BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (10PM Fridays on Sci Fi Network) and on an upcoming episode of CHUCK (8PM Mondays on NBC)

  • luke

    You interviewed Tricia Helfer!!!!! I’ve never been this jealous of you before.

    I was really thrown by her comment about her and Baltar’s relationship. I wonder what that means?

  • Luke,
    Just to alleviate your jealousy, it was a conference call!

  • BP

    Luke, I’ve read on another site that Tricia finally finds out why only Baltar can see her when no-one else can. I have lost track of the name of that Six, was is Caprica 6?

  • luke

    Wow, really? For some reason I just figured that wouldn’t be answered. I can’t believe how great this season has been and how many answers we’re getting.

  • 7bf

    >On her mystery pilot that’s in development:

    my guess: HBOs “Game of Thrones” she would be a perfect Cersei 😉

  • 7bf,

    Tricia Helfer would fit so well in an HBO series. And not just thanks to their liberal policies on nudity 🙂

  • Anonymous

    The Six that Baltar can see but nobody else is commonly referred to as “Head-Six”, but in one episode of an earlier season, Baltar does refer to her by the name of “Sarah”.