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It ain’t easy being a TV Addict.

For every dizzying high — like that unforgettable September evening partying on a New York rooftop with two of my favorite “J’s” (JJ Abrams and Josh Jackson), there are an equal number of terrifying lows — like the time I had to interview a seemingly never-ending parade of ‘stars’ from FOX’s swiftly forgotten reality series NASHVILLE.

For ever amazing interview (Hello Kiefer Sutherland!), there are an endless number of requests on behalf of network PR flaks to interview an actor who just got kicked off [insert reality TV show here].

Then there are the types of interviews — like the following one with LEGEND OF THE SEEKER star Craig Horner — where even though you’re not the least bit familiar with his show, you’re hesitant to turn it down because you have a sneaking suspicion that your interviewee may in fact be Hollywood’s next big thing. As evidence by the sheer number of emails and tweets I received upon revealing that I was talking to said actor.

Currently starring in the hit syndicated fantasy series LEGEND OF THE SEEKER, Horner plays Richard Cypher, a young man who discovers that he’s destined for greatness. And this being television, he’s also destined for romance, action and adventure, all of which Horner was only too happy to talk about while taking a break from shooting the series on location in New Zealand.

Has the popularity of the show begun to sink in?
Craig Horner:
Man I am so isolated from everything it’s crazy. And because we’re still in it and shooting, I work really long hours only to get home, put on a DVD or pick up a book and get ready for the next day of work. We don’t even have the show here [in New Zealand] but I’m starting to hear things here and there and I’m able to get on the net, but really, I’m just concentrating on work at the moment and finishing up the season. It’s kind of crazy.

How familiar were you with the series before accepting the role?
I read the first book [The Sword of Truth: Wizard’s First Rule] before we started shooting because we had quite a bit of free time and since there were no scripts yet that’s all we could really do and get a hold of our characters.

Many fans have compared LEGEND OF THE SEEKER to its genre predecessors HERCULES or XENA. Were you a fan of either show growing up?
We had those shows in Australia when I was growing up and I remember them well. I recall being somewhat into them, although not overly. I thought at the time that both XENA and HERCULES were very tongue in cheek and didn’t take themselves too seriously. Whereas with our show, the world has changed and people want their fantasy shows to be a bit more serious.

Fans have really responded to your chemistry with your co-star Bridget Regan (who plays Kahlan Amnell), what’s your working relationship like?
It’s great. We’re both Aquarians and Aquarians tend to get along together. We’re both fans of the book, similar ages, both love acting and really try and make our scenes together really sincere. It’s great to work with an actress who’s not just showing up to collect a paycheck. Bridget really cares about the job.

For all the Richard/Kahlan shippers out there, is there any hope?
We kind of have a Buffy/Angel kind of relationship where the whole point is that we really can’t get together. We really want to and those feeling aren’t going away. That said, we push the boundaries in some upcoming episodes but really that’s all I can say.

Many fans have cited director Michael Hurst’s episodes “Denna” and “Sacrifice” as two of the season’s most riveting hours. Was there anything specific that Mr. Hurst did to bring out such strong performances in both yourself and Bridget.
What’s great about Michael is that he’s really theatrical on set and you can see out of the corner of your eye behind the monitor him just jumping up and down and clapping his hands in the middle of takes. Michael is there every-step of the way and all he cares about are the performances, which is exactly what the show needs. It’s already got such amazing cinematographers and lighting guys, we just need a good director who makes something out of the scripts and the dialogue and I think that’s why his episodes are so successful.

Now that the show has officially been picked up for a second season is there anything you can tease about where your character is headed?
I’ve done all I can as an actor to try to develop my character, taking him from a boy to a man in terms of story-line and am really just focused on finishing the first season. In terms of the second season right now I really don’t know a thing about it. All I do know is that they’re not filming with the book because if they went with the book every season there would be no room for the viewers to be surprised.

How involved has Executive Producer Sam Raimi been?
Sam has yet to come down, but his brother Ted has been on the show. Sam’s partner on the show is Rob Tapert and he is always here and heavily involved.

As an Australian working in New Zealand, is one of your goals to work in America?
I don’t know. Personally I just want to get to the stage in my life and my career where I can live where I want to live wherever that may be, be it New York, LA or Australia and just work on great projects.

Any chance of seeing yourself and the cast at July’s San Diego Comic Con?
If I’m not working that would be cool.

You can catch Craig Horner each and every week on LEGEND OF THE SEEKER. Visit for local listings.

Special Thanks Erika from, and Twitter friends hercircumstance and cabri for some great questions.

  • Great interview Daniel! Now take time out of your frantic week and start watching the show! It’s like crack you’ll find yourself rabidly addicted in no time 🙂

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  • Hil

    I agree with Erika. The show is like crack. I originally started watching it since it was advertised on and I wanted some background sound while I tidied up my living room and got some projects done. I had watched BBC’s Merlin series previously and was in the mood for something similar. Five hours later my living room was a mess and I was still watching it. I’ve mainly become a fan of Bridget, but Craig Horner isn’t hard to look at either.

  • TVFan

    Now that I know what Craig Horner looks like, sign me up for the show.

  • tim w. in tx

    Love this show. Caught up on Horner’s delicious. This show is just entertaining. Love the three leads. Very ‘lord of the rings’ to me. great interview.

  • Hai

    Love this show! The chemistry that Richard and Kahlan have is amazing.

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  • Ana

    Correction, it’s Robert TAPERT, not Robert Tapter or whatever you had there.

  • Fan of the BOOKS

    Legend of the Seeker is a travesty and terrible terrible terrible example of Hollywood (People involved) taking a great peice of fantasy story telling and destroying it for American censored TV.

    People, stop watching this trash and buy the real books, they will entertain you and thrill your sences far more then some teeny bopper actor will!

    Legend of Seeker has about as much to do with Sword of Truth (Wizards First Rule) series as Original Batman had to do with the 1960 campfest Batmen shows! Actors, Producers, writers should all be ashamed!

  • Brett M.

    Fan (the comment above mine), if you don’t like this series, then why did you take the time to read the interview AND write a comment? If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. But, don’t ruin it for everyone else who DOES like it.

    Personally, I LOVE the book AND the show. I first saw episode 13 airing on T.V. and I was instantly into it. I watched all the episodes, and I can’t wait for more to come out. I’m thrilled to be hearing about a second season too!

    Often, I find myself wishing I could be on the set watching you guys. (If not acting with you…) Craig, you do a wonderful job as Richard, the seeker.

    Keep it up, we enjoy what you produce.

  • judy

    I hope this fan mail gets to the actors and producers of the show. I absolutely love the show!! After watching a couple of episodes, a coworker gave her set of Terry Goodkind’s novels, and I’m working
    through them. Yes, it is a little disconcerting that the shows do not follow the books scene by scene, but that is not enough to discourage me from being a huge fan of both!!
    Now when I read I’m always thinking “wow” what a great scene this would make! I hope the show continues for many more seasons. There’s certainly enough material, and Craig and Bridget are great!

  • Elena a craig horner fan

    Hi i just wanted to say that this show is the best and thatif u dont like this show dont watch it

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  • Mark

    I like the show, which I predict in the near future, will turn me on to the books. It can work that way too, you know. The characters are likeable, as well as gorgeous – and there is that “anticipation” thing…with their natural chemistry. There’s magic, love, drama and humor, all the ingredients of a successful show, in my opinion. I actually found this site looking for the DVD’s, which I hope will be released soon.

  • Dee

    I just found your interview. The questions were good and different from other sites. I found the show late in the season and was in a tether to find DVD’s too. Heard they are to be out in October, 2009. Hope that means all of the episodes and maybe some interviews. This is not Xena and Hercules from what I remember. Different presentation, different treatment of genre. Wish Kahlen’s/Bridget’s hair was not black but her natural color. The show instantly put a spell on me. Love watching this series. Love watching the actors: Richard/Craig H., Kahlen/Bridget and Zedd/Spence …wow even Darken Rahl/Craig. Everyone does such fantastic artistry on a very tight schedule. These are amazing episodes. #22 was a bit unfulfilling/frustrating. Yet this Aquarian votes YES. Can’t wait for Season 2. What did Mark just write: magic, love, drama and humor …anticipation, complications….I am ready for the next installment.

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  • Naima Shaltu

    Legend of the seeker is awesome! Even though the book and the show are different I loved both. Anyone can get addicted to this. By the way I’m just 13 years old!!!:)

    -Naima Shaltu(Washington)

  • Manda

    I love this show! Craig Horner is an incredible actor. I truly think he is the next big thing to hit Hollywood! EEK!!! I can’t wait for the next season!

  • meemee

    hi, i just don’t know what to say about LEGEND OF THE SEEKER but believe me its absolutely fantastic. This is the first film of craig and bridget am watching and both really made me fall in love with the way they acted, how i wish they can maintain that romance in reality because they really have a lovely great chemistry.i know the second season will be full of more exitement, i doubt if i can wait to see darken Rahls’ end next season.

  • yeah yeah

    Is it the books? Nowhere near. When they say loosely, that’s exactly what they mean. That, however, is no reason not to enjoy the show. How they handle some of the concepts may be bothersome at times, the show is definitely enjoyable and holds its own charms. Watch it, its better than a LOT of other shows out there.

  • judy

    what a hunk good natural acting too

    he certainly be big in hollywood ,hope australia can hold on to him

  • judy al kuchen

    i adore this actorr .. can any one tell him that …

  • Rejoice

    yeah. .I like Legend of the seeker so much.
    It's very amazing and unique, when you watch the movie, no part is boring. It's very interesting to be. .
    I love it so much, I like to become mother confessor' haha.