First Look: Summer Glau Rocks Wolowitz’s World

summer glau big bang theory

On the March 9th episode of THE BIG BANG THEORY, Summer Glau boldly goes where no woman has gone before by acquiescing to a photo with Wolowitz!

  • blueberry


  • Yay! BBT FTW! This is going ot be great.

  • anontymouse

    Whats funny is she’s only got 1/4 of her face in the pic he’s taking. Ought to be a funny show

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  • kas

    wow TSCC is the best show on TV hands down,
    Summer is damn cute!

  • Jeremy

    You’re the best Summer!

  • Tao

    Summer is SUCH a babe! In all her appearances.

  • Barry

    summer is by far the best actress at her role on tv and movie today. We all over look her acting ability due to her beauty. Lots of nice looking women on tv and in movies they do not compare to the acting ability that summer shows with her roll as Cameron on TSCC.

  • “Its hot! in here must be Summer”

    What can i say about Summer Glau…Hmmm,to me she’s a talented actress i mean she’s smart,sexy,and very pretty and i love watching her dance (Ballerina) and kick butt.

    When i saw her in the Big Bang Theory…My heart melted and i can’t stop thinking about her…wish i can meet her to say that I’m her biggest fan……….Damn! i’m so obsessed.

  • Anonymous

    Lol at the comment!

    But Summer recently on Syfy’s Alphas recently; also she’s involved in an Alternate Reality Game caleed The Human Preservation Project.
    Learn more at fansite Summer Glau Wiki :

    Summer Glau at New York Comic Con