Question of the Day: Whom Do You Trust?

ben linus charles widmore

Imagine for a moment you’re in John Locke’s shoes. After last night’s epic head scratcher of an episode, whom do you trust: Benjamin Linus or Charles Widmore?

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  • paketep

    Easy answer: NONE!

  • I can see why Locke might trust Widmore over Ben, considering their history. But he should know by now that he can’t trust either!

  • paketep

    Or is that NEITHER?

    Damned English 😛

  • Hil

    We haven’t established Widmore as a liar yet. He obviously has his own interests, but as a character he seems more blunt and direct than a liar. That doesn’t mean he isn’t manipulative. We saw what he did to Desmond, but even then it was more of a direct confrontation.

    I think one bald guy has to trust another bald guy. Ben just seems to want to do Locke’s job (turn the wheel, get everyone together again) when Widmore was empowering Locke to do it himself.

  • paketep

    Well, the fact that Widmore killed the other guy so easily when he was captured by Sawyer & co, and later acted like a dick and didn’t even have remorse, doesn’t give me much confidence on him either.

    And yes, I hope that’s EITHER 😉

  • I don’t trust Ben, Widmore, or even Locke. Ben has proven himself a liar, manipulator, and murderer on several occasions. Widmore has his own mysterious motivations and is also a murderer (remember he snapped that guy’s neck in the past just for mentioning that there was a camp of people on the island).

    Locke is not nearly as knowledgeable as he sounds, he’s easily manipulated, and he’s weak enough to be driven to suicide. He may not have been able to kill his father, but he was okay with arranging Sawyer to do it for him (granted, his father deserved it, but still…). And, he has also murdered at least one person — he threw a knife into the back of the lady from the freighter who parachuted onto the island.

    I think I’ll be disappointed if this story goes in a direction that expects us to see any of those three men as heros or saints fighting for some grander good. The jury’s still out on Richard Alpert.

  • EKI

    Well, Widmore send Keamy and company to the island, and Locke witnessed how Keamy killed Alex and how this affected Ben.

    I Ben slightly more than Widmore, although not fully. Also, that war that’s comming might not be 2 sided only, knowing JJAbraams there I think there will be at least 3 sides involved.

    What I don’t get is why the Oceanic 6 were so suspicious of Locke’s motivations and saying that he want’s to go back to the Island because he doesn’t feel good in any other place. He could perfectly have stayed in the Island but he knew he had to go search the others, so if he left the Island to look for them, that should mean something.

    Also, it’s frightening how the leg related injuries keep on finding Locke… (his con-“father” pushing him through that windo, the door in the hatch, when he got shot in the leg (several times? I don’t remember), he broke his leg again now… )

  • TVFan

    I’m on Team Ben, as duplicitous as he seems, there is something even more unsettling about Charles Widmore.

  • tim w. in tx

    Well, I don’t know how Locke could trust Ben after last night’s ep, it appears Ben strangled Locke like Sawyer did Locke’s father? Was Ben helping Locke to die? Still unclear. As for Whitmore, he just seems dangerous to me. lol Those guys on the freighter weren’t there on the island to rescue anyone. But wouldn’t Locke be more upset to ‘see’ the man that killed him? He seemed almost amused. I think Ben is just jealous of Locke. Well, I’m totally ‘lost.’ lol Forget it. Like the x-files said, ‘trust no one.” lol

  • sheindie

    Widmore … he hasn’t killed John and he sent out rescuers when John landed in Tunisia and brought in a top surgeon…

  • Amy

    It seems like maybe Widmore has a good reason for wanting to find the island but yet for some reason I trust Ben. I don’t know what it is but he always seems to have reasons for what he does. Like Locke, he has the islands best interests at heart. he loves that island. Although I do agree that he does seem a little jealous of Locke at times.

  • Ace

    I’m firmly in the “neither” camp. Both Ben and Widmore play people for their own ends. That being said, I think it would be interesting if Widmore ended up being the good guy. I think the writers could easily play off everything he has done: the freighter team went rouge, he was strying to keep Desmond away from Penny to save both, etc.

    I just really hope that Lance Riddick’s character is not really dead. He is severely underused on Fringe (dont’ get me wrong…LOVE that show), so I really like it when he pops up on LOST. He is an amazing actor. He’ll always be Lt. Daniels to me though…

  • I’m firmly in the Locke is an idiot camp. I’m sorry but I think he’ll trust anyone who says he’s “special” or that they want to “save the island”. He is so easily manipulated. I still think he’s a pawn.

  • DB

    oy, who is the lesser of two evils…

  • they both want back to the island and use anyone to get ther.
    so they are both evil and manipulators.
    but even than i trust widmore more then linus.

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