Good News, Bad News: LIFE ON MARS, Jimmy Fallon & Levar Burton

Good News: Unlike DIRTY SEXY MONEY, ELI STONE and PUSHING DAISIES, the producers of ABC’s LIFE ON MARS have been given the opportunity to provide fans with a definitive ending and some much deserved closure to their fledgling freshman series. Bad News: Because the show has been cancelled, with network brass announcing earlier today that there are no plans to pick up MARS for a second season. [Source: TVWeek]

Good News: After months of build up, webisodes and tweets, Jimmy Fallon’s LATE NIGHT adventure begins tonight. Bad News: At this point, there is only about a 30% chance that this TV Addict will be able to stay wake until 12:35AM.

Good News: STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION alum Levar Burton had an impromptu Tweetup in Toronto this evening. Bad News: Burton neglected to give this TV Addict (and recovering Trekkie) enough time to make it downtown, clearly forgetting that transporter technology only works on TV! [Click for Pic!]

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  • Hil

    That’s too bad about Life on Mars. I am more of a fan of the original, but it got to the point that the US version felt like its own show finally and was more watchable than before because of it.

  • allie

    I’m slightly disappointed about Life on Mars, but at least we’ll get a proper ending (he’s gotta be in a coma – right?) and then Jason O’Mara can hopefully move onto something bigger and better.

  • TVFan

    Cheers to Levar Burton. So cool that he would do something like that.

    Jeers to ABC for canceling yet another quality show I enjoyed.

  • Sheindie

    ABC cancels wonderful shows .. any chance that SciFi network would pick up Life on Mars? ..I enjoy the show, music, storyline ..but then, Eli Stone was enjoyed, too 🙁

  • JRM

    Im serious im am never watching a single show ever again in my entire life on ABC. They cancel all the good shows. Never again.

  • Here’s the City TV Coverage of the LeVar Burton event. I was there and it was simply awesome!

  • Jenn

    Life on Mars is cancelled? I was enjoying this show immensely – it was something a bit different than what was on TV – the cast was great. When are the networks going to figure out people aren’t taking chances on shows because they don’t want to get attached only to have it cancelled!

  • The LoM news is so sad. I’m loving it more and more each week. I’m glad we’ll get an ending but … *sigh* ABC *sigh*

    You know, I don’t think it makes financial sense anymore. Starting a new show means hours of lawyers for contract negotiations, hiring all new casts and crews. New promotions. It can’t even be fiscally responsible to cancel and start all these new shows anymore.

  • Follow and sign petitions to Save Life On Mars Television Series.