You Be the Critic: BROTHERS & SISTERS

Due to my very own aforementioned family drama, this TV Addict didn’t have the opportunity to catch last night’s Walker family drama on BROTHERS & SISTERS. Which is why I thought I’d open things by asking, sans spoilers, did last night’s two hour movie event live up to the hype?

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  • Jason

    Great episode, but disappointed at how they handled the “someone will die” part. Lame to say that his heart attack was the “death”. I understand that when someone has a heart attack they actually die, but I thought it was a cheap stunt and was quite disappointed.

    I am, however, quite excited to follow Robert’s blind ambition for higher political office. Kind of awakens the “West Wing”-lover in me.

  • I wouldn’t say it lived up to the hype, because they always overhype things in previews. It was interesting to see so many storylines converged. As someone who is just barely a fan of the show (it’s not like there’s anything else on Sunday nights), I’d say it was one of their better episodes

  • Nicky

    I thought it was outstanding! I loved every moment! It kept me on the edge of my seat. I got very emotional during the show. If it does that then that’s some great acting!! I loved it!

  • Josh Emerson

    I don’t understand why they advertised a death in the promos and didn’t deliver. That’s lame.

    Otherwise I enjoyed this more than I’ve enjoyed the show in a while. I thought it was a captivating episode. I find myself rooting for Holly more than anyone though, strangely enough.

  • allie

    Great episode. Rob Lowe did an excellent job, although I am irritated by Robert’s insistence on running for governor, but story wise it is a good thing as it creates drama. I don’t think he every really wanted the baby, so I’m not suprised that he is focusing his attention on his campaign rather than his family.

    I’m so thrilled at the direction Justin is taking. When I saw him during the crisis I thought why doesn’t he become a doctor, so I was thrilled when he finally realised it. I think Nora did a brilliant job explaining to him that he’s not really a screw up, he’s just finding himself like all of his friends did while at college and he missed out on that opportunity.

    I like how Ryan showed up at the end. He really does look like Justin’s brother. I suspect he’s a drug addict though, so he’ll be trouble.

    I think Tommy is an idiot doing what he did but again, it will create some good drama and it is a good way to get rid of Getty for a while.

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  • jamie

    “someone will die” stuff? lame
    generally? alright.

    it kinda felt like they forgot the oscars were on the week before and they were like ‘what are we gonna do with these episodes?’ and some said ‘special movie event?’ by no means was it a special movie event. it was two solid episodes of brothers and sisters smushed together.

  • TVFan

    Completely agree. “Very Special Movie Event” More like two episodes that aired back to back because of the Oscars.