Because we know you’d never surf the web on ‘company time,’ is proud to present what will hopefully become a new daily feature: Our brief roundup of interesting, bizarre, surprising and funny TV news to help you get you through the day (or at the very least, your lunch hour.)

LISTEN: In what we guarantee will be the funniest forty-seven minutes of your day, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT creator Mitchell Hurwitz and Will Arnett drop by Tim Goodman’s TV Talk Machine to talk about their new animated series SIT DOWN, SHUT UP (premiering on FOX this April), the current status of the ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT movie and Will Arnett’s top-secret new series secretly being developed for Hurwitz for FOX. [Click here to listen]

PLAY: Combining two of this TV Addict’s favorite things, offers up a first look at the upcoming DEXTER game for the iPhone. [Source]

LEARN: Did you know that according to just-released Live+7 DVR data, FOX’s action packed one-two combo of DOLLHOUSE and TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES increased viewers by 30% and 36% respectively? [Source]

LAUGH: And’s award for favorite one-liner from the flurry of reviews lambasting Jimmy Fallon’s shaky LATE NIGHT start last night goes to’s Ken Tucker who said,” He did an ultra-ordinary monologue — one liners about President Obama and the deficit that sounded like material Jay Leno’s writers had faxed over from L.A.” Ouch! [Source]

WATCH: Jon Stewart lambast TV news for finally discovering Twitter. Or as we put it, welcome to 2007. [Click here for video]