Tonight’s TV Addictions: March 3, 2009

reaper season 2 cast pic

Apparently, the big five network’s failed get the memo that sweeps moved to March. How else to explain the fact that tonight lineup features repeats of virtually all of your favorite show including: NCIS, THE MENTALIST, WITHOUT A TRACE, SCRUBS, and 90210.

The final 12 semi-finalists underperform.

REAPER was easily one of the most promising new shows of last season — too bad it teetered out halfway through. The strike didn’t help. Season 2 doesn’t disrupt the drollness: Sam (Bret Harrison), now officially the Devil’s son, is back to sending souls back to hell, this week with a cattle prod. Ray Wise’s performance as a giddy Lucifer is still great, but what REAPER desperately needs is to embrace a serialized element beyond the habitual bagging and tagging. — Aleks Chan

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  • Ace

    I’m sure Aleks Chan is a kind and loving person, but could not be more wrong about Reaper. It is funny and charming. There was no teetering. I highly recommend giving it a chance tonight while nothing else is on.

  • Alyssa

    Since when is Sam officially the Devil’s son? From what I can remember, it was revealed that Sam’s dad was a demon or something. Also, the second half of the first season is what saved the show from being mediocre. The added element of the demon revolution was great, especially since Ken Marino and Michael Ian Black are so awesome.

  • Tim

    Um, just like before in February, sweeps start on a Thursday, March 5th in fact, and that would be the reason for repeats tonight. Ends on Wednesday, April 1.

  • Thanks for the tip Tim… or as I’ll now refer to you as, my unpaid research assistant 🙂

  • Jonah

    Uh, yeah. The above review of Reaper just shows me that ol’ Aleks doesn’t watch the show. As Alyssa correctly noted, Reaper picked up steam in midseason when there was more mythology added, and fewer “bag and tag” demons. No show can exist with such plots, not even Smallville.

    And NO, it was never, ever established that Sam is the devil’s son. Why does the media keep writing this like it’s fact? As far as Sam knows, his father was buried alive. Sheesh. If you’re going to comment on a show, at least pop in the DVD or something.