5 Reasons Why HEROES Will Live to Fight Another Season

greg grunberg

It doesn’t take a mind-reader like Matt Parkman to guess what actor Greg Grunberg is thinking right now. In fact, after setting the HEROES fandom all a-twitter following an innocuous tweet that left thousands wondering if this season would be their favorite shows last, we’d say the odds are fairly good that at this very moment Grunberg is wishing he could harness Hiro’s time traveling ability in order to go back in time and stop himself from pressing “send” on the tweet heard around the world.

But since he can’t, and the bastions of journalistic integrity that are the NY Post and TV Guide already decided to run with Grunberg’s tweet in an effort to create a splashy “Is HEROES Ending?” headline, we at theTVaddict.com thought we’d do the next best thing and set the record straight by proudly presenting our 5 Reasons why HEROES will live to fight another season.

Reason #1: Ratings are (Virtually) Meaningless
As enticing as it may be to write off HEROES as a commercial failure now that viewership is hovering around the 7 million mark, the reality of the situation is that ratings simply don’t mean nearly as much as they used. The internet, DVR/PVRs (according to another tweet by Mr. Grunberg, HEREOS gets a whopping “40% increase day after ratings on DVRs”) and digital downloads (where HEROES constantly finds itself among iTunes top TV show downloads) all play an integral role into calculating just how popular a show is and whether or not it will be renewed for another season.

Reason #2: International Sales
In the same way in which Hollywood studios have boosted their bottom line with overseas box office receipts, foreign sales of hit American shows have been the savior to low rated adrenaline fueled fare such as PRISON BREAK, TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES and HEROES. And as Mr. Grunberg yet again was kind enough to point out via twitter, HEROES currently airs in “230 markets internationally.” Which roughly translated equates to hundreds of millions of dollars that go directly to NBC/Universal’s bottom line, and that’s not even taking into account the millions of Hiro Nakamura bobble-heads at $19.99 a pop!

Reason #3: DVD and Merchandise Sales
And speaking of Bobble-heads, one needn’t look any further than NBC’s very own store in 30 Rockefeller plaza to catch on to NBC/Universal’s ultimate money making machine: The merchandise. Be it DVDs, t-shirts, action figures and enough mobisodes, webisodoes, graphic novels, and HEROES branded microwave ovens to make Jack Donaghy proud and it doesn’t take Micah’s penchant for numbers to calculate just how valuable the HEROES franchise is when it comes to ancillary revenue.

Reason #4: NBC
And lest we forget the network itself. While 7 million viewers would most likely spell doom on a successful network like CBS or ABC. It’s more than enough to cement a fourth season renewal for a show on the once proud peacock, where HEROES remains (according to tvbythenumbers.com) the network’s sixth most popular show behind such “must see TV” gems like MEDIUM, THE BIGGEST LOSER, ER and the premiere of THE APPRENTICE: CELEBRITY EDITION.

Reason #5: TheTVaddict.com is never wrong!
As evidence by our our last three predictions that have all been spot on: The Top 6 Reasons why the WGA Strike will be resolved in time for the Oscars, Bold Fall TV Prediction #1: Michael Phelps to Host SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and the aforementioned 5 Reasons Why TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES Will See a Second Season

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  • Naf

    I’m with you on this. If NBC cancel this, what episode do they have? ER will be gone next year, and the network can’t survive on The Office and 30 Rock alone.

    Also, there’s no way NBC is going to give up a chance at ANOTHER Heroes reset to bring back the viewers. I expect, come Fall, we’ll be hearing the same “we fixed all the problems… back to season 1 quality” stuff that we keep hearing every time this show fails at saving itself. I’m just holding out hope that Bryan Fuller brings back some of the quality that was present when this show started. Heroes hasn’t been the same since just before the season 1 finale, and I’m hoping that’s around the time Fuller went off to develop Pushing Daises.

  • Josh Emerson

    18-49 demo ratings are another factor. Ratings might not be as huge of a deal as in the past, but the ones that are important are in this demo. Heroes is still one of NBC’s top shows in that area, behind Biggest Loser and The Apprentice (WTF?)

  • Silly

    To be honest you are the last person I expected to write such an article

  • And his is why Twitter is the devil/

  • Ace

    In all seriousness though if this stays on the air and they cancel Chuck, I’m going to be PO’d. I still watch Heroes, but I’m really just trying to keep up until Bryan Fuller makes his triumphant return. Chuck on the other hand is comedic genius.

  • Josh Emerson

    I agree with Ace. Chuck is brilliant and I will be as devastated to see it canceled as I was with Pushing Daisies. NBC has got to do everything it can to bring it back. I think I’d probably quit watching Heroes if it is renewed and Chuck isn’t.

  • Linda B.

    Is there room on the fall schedule for Heroes once Jay Leno premieres 5 nights a week? ER will be gone, that’s one slot open. But, NBC will have to make some cuts to fit Jay in. I sure hope it won’t be Heroes, Chuck, or Medium, and i doubt they’ll cut out any show on Thursday night.

    Any thoughts as to what the 4 shows leaving will be?

  • tim w. in tx

    I, too, think Heroes is safe. It’s a hit by NBC standards and I would think ‘chuck’ would be a given. Love that show. As for cutting shows, who says they will? This is their chance to have new eps on more often isn’t it? Just burn them w/ out repeats and then premiere the next show. How hard can it be NBC? lol

  • This is some of the best encouragement I’ve read in while.

    REASON #6: We need Heroes, especially in this day and age! With so much going wrong, not only an escape but also an inspiration to fix things is clearly needed.

  • Ace

    Josh — I couldn’t agree more. Chuck is my second favorite show right now right behind LOST. I’m still in denial about Pushing Daisies. The world needs Lee Pace and Chi McBride on TV, preferably together in a comedy.

    To answer Linda — Take out ER and figure that Dateline can easily replace “Howie Do it” or whatever that show is called on Friday and you are down to 3 days. Medium will probably be pushed to mid-season replacement territory again and take over whatever 9pm show fails first. Life will most likely be cancelled and Kings looks like it could be good, but my bet is also cancelled. And that pretty much leaves you with Law and Order, which can easily be moved around. Stupid, lazy NBC.

  • Naf

    I wouldn’t blame NBC if they cancelled Chuck. I love the show, but NBC seem to have done everything in their power to keep it around, including giving it a Superbowl boost with those lame 3D glasses. The show got a big jump in the ratings that week, followed by 2 weeks of it’s lowest ratings ever. To me, that just proves that America is a country full of idiots.

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  • joey stein

    Im sure it will be around for one more season. Its a great show and besides the show was only supposed to run for 5 seasons. Unlike dollhouse, Oh such a great show. So you never know they might surprise us and cancel.

  • Flick

    I can’t wait for Season 5 of Heroes. I saw a part of one episode from Season 3 and didn’t like the series but when my family started watching it from episode one (bought Seasons 1-3 on DVD) me and my bf were hooked. Season 1 was by far the best but I think the writers strike during Season 2 hurt the series in a bad bad way. I’m hoping that they can bring the series back to what it was. Though it’s not as good as it was during Season 1 it’s still a great show.

    What I would like to see in Heroes: Claire not being so annoying and finding a way to live with her ability such as harvesting her organs and donating them, donating blood, or something medical. If you think about it her blood may just be a cure for cancer! I would like to see Mika’s character return as well as West and the guy that could breathe under water. Make Tracy go away for a while or kill her off. The actress is good but not good enough (nor is the character) to get 3 different parts in Heroes (Nikki, Jessica, and Tracy). I would also like to see Peter regain some of his power from Season 1 so that he is a little more on par with Syler. I would also like to see how the twist at the end of Season 4 and Claire outing them to the media and the world turns out.

  • heroeslover101

    I absolutly go nuts for this show!! I think this is the best TV show ever!! I will be very upset and angry if NBC ends the series like this. I would be 99% happier if they had one more season or a 2-4 hr. movie to wrap this all up! NBC are idiots if they don't renew this show!!!

  • Grimdeath22

    I really enjoy watching Heroes, who cares about ratings because their are millions that watches the show…if they could put a bunch of stupid crap on TV why cant they keep and awesome show like Heroes on!!