Finally! EVERWOOD: The Complete Second Season Arrives in June

everwood season 2 dvd

After an almost intolerable five year wait, my fellow TV Addicts (and more specifically, podcast partner Ariel) who only discovered the magic of EVERWOOD through DVD will finally get to find out, “What happened to Colin?!” With Warner Home Video officially announcing this morning that EVERWOOD: The Complete 2nd Season is finally coming to DVD this June 16, 2009.

According to TV Shows on DVD, who broke the news, the 6-disc set running 968 minutes will include all 22 hour-long episodes in beautiful widescreen and cost $39.98 (SRP).

Needless to say, stay tuned to for announcements with regards to when the DVD will be available for pre-order on Amazon and what fans can expect in terms of extras. We think it goes without saying that our fingers remain firmly crossed for a very special episode commentary courtesy of Everwood’s resident doctor’s Andy Brown and Harold Abbott.

UPDATE: EVERWOOD: The Complete Second Season is now available for pre-order for only $25.99 (That’s 35% off!) Click here to head on over to

Thanks to reader Luke for the Tip!

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  • Woohoo! FINALLY.

  • luke

    Sadley i’m in the same boat as Ariel. I’ve only seen the 1st and 4th season. I still don’t know if Colin lives.

  • John

    I can hardly believe it. Finally!

  • Lore

    YES!!! Fantastic news!

  • Nick

    This cancellation remains The CW’s most glaring mistake, to date. Everwood had SO much life and so many stories yet to tell, yet Dawnie chased the phantom ratings of an 11-year-old series finale, when 7th Heaven had devolved into nothing more but a bad punchline. It’s insane decisions like that which cost people jobs and cost networks many, many loyal viewers. Dropping Everwood left a horrible taste in the mouth of scores of fans, folks so devoted that they raised thousands of dollars for an ad in Variety and to park a freakin’ ferris wheel outside Ostroff’s window.

    Yeah, I’m still bitter about this unwarranted cancellation, as are critics universally. Dawn & Co. lost such credibility when they pulled this stunt. And, baby, you’d better face up to it, lest you make the same error once again.

  • Nick nothing wrong with being bitter. As frequent readers will attest to, my bitterness over EVERWOOD (and JACK & BOBBY’s) cancellation remains as strong as ever!

  • Charles

    Oh, thank god you posted this! We gotta make sure these suckers sell enough so that season’s 3 and 4 can be released. I don’t think I could wait another 5 years.

    How great does that cover art look, seriously? *prays for extras*